Wednesday, February 24, 2010

my will & testimony.

Buried in a casket w/ a fat ass pillow,
Comforter under the bed setters- you'on need no egg crates.
Have my feet crossed like the good girls do.
Make sure my hair did, and my make up too.

Yall roll in a fat ass benz- well that's if my girls don't letchu in.
They hop out tha Lex limo shimmyin to the set. Didn't bother to hide the champagne and better believe they smoked that sac.

Not tryna wish death on me, but like water it runs.
I just gotta be heard, through my words and watever else may be.
Peace Out.

(to be cont'd)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010


he drop them drawls -aint but balls.
they said he was a baller but i aint mean them balls.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

some'n i came across. made me smile.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

the not so legendary legend.

*my favorite.

They will tell you..

glasses will abandon clarity
as your view of me shatters.
as a matter of fact, facts wont matter
rather, they will
impose their will,
still, you must refrain.

They'll tell you that I believed I was a God.
They will say that my name was never uttered,
that tongues never tasted the syllables of my existence.
You will be asked to believe that my truths were all lies
that I attempted to run before I crawled
They hope to cripple my legacy.

They will defile my manila folder
and then ask you to read it.
They will forge my signature.
Documents I never read will be used to incriminate me.
Use your better judgement.
They will deceive your point of view
from sun to moon, till you see me in a different light.
They will say that disaster was carved by my fingertips,
that the road to hell was paved by my footprints.
Hindsight through a smokescreen

They'll tell you I stood for nothing,
that trouble followed my presence.
They'll utilize fear, hoping you will hear- them.
Instead, listen to my tears as they grace your battered shoulders.
Sense the fire of my being,
feel my passion as it whispers my name.
Walk the line I marked out for you, and
finish my race.

I was never a god, though I served one.
I bled, I wept, and fell.
Defeat knew my name.
Shoota ='d shame
My soul was scarred, my heart calloused,
And yet you will never hear the stories,
you will never see the day,

The day Giants looked up to me,
the day Lions called me king,
the day I shared war cries with the Aztecs,
or the night Thunder fled as I struck Lightning.

You will never hear how fate gained faith in me,
as she watched me burn fire.
You will never feel what I felt
See what I saw, touch what I touched.

I have walked through avalances
and gave they eye of the hurricane a shiner.
Shadows once ran from my presence
Who dared challenge my place in the heavens?
But you will hear the stories.

You will never see the day.
Because they will tell you..

-Shoota Mac Mane.

i love you jj. i promise to never let your words go unheard. r.i.p.

im just sayin how i feel man...

jonathan wake up...

jonathan wake up...

i got the chance to see you before you laid it down, but never a chance to tell you how i felt. let me start by saying you are the prototype.

today marks the day when the rain went away; the tears wasnt shed but the pain still remained.

((to be cont'd)) i aint ready

this is some bullshit man.

rest in peace and love to the baby boy jj.

damn dummy =).

he told me i gotta grow it back; so i guess i got to.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

he want the best & the worst,
scrollin dine his vein,
I say ima do this so he thankin I'm insane,
committed to his truth, so the doubt disappear
I could entertain that, but it's a new year.