Saturday, January 17, 2009

soo, im back on the yard.

in a house (or dorm) surrounded by emptiness.
waiting on the CALL so I can determine if I want to go to the game...or not?
hopefully tonight will be one of those nights where time isnt wasted...thats because i plan on getting wasted.-asher.
anyway like i said before im sure I wont be on here as much as i used to....considering the slow pv network and hopefully I will have other things to occupy my time. but I guess thats a good thing because Im sure my posts will be more meaningful and wont be a complete waste of this one. anyway i have been taking a lot of pix but Im not going to post them until I feel comfortable. People have been offering me little gig's based off of what they have seen and a friend told me only to post the ones I love. SOO.. thats what I shall do.
i got a new web cam. well i guess i shouldnt say new because this is my first one. Unfortunately, it needs windows vista and i have xp. so unless i can get the software for my comp. or a upgrade I wont get to use it.

its really cool. (urban outfitters) hey am i the only one who listens to novel?? ok well i got a different its time to drown my sorrows in whatever is available. toodles.



Wednesday, January 14, 2009

you gotta sin to get saved...

lol dk where that came from...thats the title of this book that Stacy let me borrow. Havent quite did that yet. American Idol was great...eventhough they let alot of untalented people in.

just got through watching the news. I saw that a family named their son Adolf Hitler. For his birthday they wanted to get him a cake with his name on it and the bakery owner refused to make it. Didnt think you could have your kids taken away for their names.

Anyway Financial Aid sucks....I have the remainder of my loan from last semester but its not gonna be enough..I dont want to make it seem like Obama is gonna come in and change will instantly come but dang...please make this crap cheaper or easier to get assistance from the government. LOL sad to say but i just decided to fill out a FAFSA. Found out it didnt make a difference because they still wont give me money...



Tuesday, January 13, 2009

runaway grad

no editing was done on these pictures.




school starts on tuesday and i absolutely HAVE to be employed this semester. My financial aid status x's me out of being able to get work study...and in case you didnt know my school is smack dead in the KUNTRY. the only places to eat are Mickie Dz, Jack, and Williams Chicken. I refuse to work at any of those.
The ONLY way I can move this summer is if I can work up the financial resources needed. Luckily they built the new Outlet about 15 miles down the freeway. I applied at True Religion..cross your fingers (lol i know the hiring manager). Tommorow Im going to head down there and apply at some more places: preferably Coach, Nike, or Banana Republic. Hell idc I just dont want to end up mopping floors in the mens bathroom.
Un-employment SUCKS. heyyy kat is no longer mad about the ketchup lol. i had to apologize.

Soo Notorious comes out friday and I shouldnt even have to say that I will be there....Killuh B..??? lol (DETOX FRIDAYS AFTERWARDS..if its free its for me!) Were going paintballing monday for MLK day...excited!! lol i most definitely will have on my helmet and padded clothing. If you have any other tips let me know..this will be my first time going..

oh hey....for those with facebooks have u seen the new mask chat. Its the infamous chatroom but it allows you to submit questions or comments anonymously. Its really wierd. Check it out.


p.s. took my older sisters grad pictures today....late i know..but ill be posting some of them up in a few.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

09; Racial Profiling Still Exists.

if you are from Houston I am sure you already heard the story. Bellaire Police Department is being investigated for racial profiling:

Robbie Tolan was shot in the driveway of his home on Woodstock about 2 a.m. Dec. 31, while Bellaire police were investigating what they thought was a stolen SUV.
The vehicle, in fact, belonged to Tolan.
In its press release, the Bellaire Police Department said an altercation followed, and Sgt. Jeff Cotton used his firearm, striking Tolan once.
Family members say Tolan, who was on the ground, leaned up to protest the officers’ treatment of his mother, who had come outside during the commotion.
Tolan remained hospitalized with a bullet lodged in his liver as of press time.
Tolan’s family members and attorneys, who say the incident arose from racial profiling by Bellaire police, attended the meeting, but they did not address council.

BTW I KNOW THIS KID. well hes a man now. we went to Kolter Elementary School together. He is friends with my older sister.

For those who dont know Bellaire is one of the "whitest" areas of greater houston. million dollar houses etc. ugh. i dont wanna talk about it anymore.

anyway heres:
go look.

lol they wont let me embed the file so heres the link..

be careful what you say....

you may have noticed that every post i end with sincerely danielle. i have many reasons behind that. inspired by janelle monae's song: sincerely jane; i realized that you must be passionate and honest about the things you say. everything that comes out of my mouth reflects apart of my personality. i want to leave my friends, readers, etc. knowing that i have just given them my true thoughts and feelings.

though it often ends up he say she...your words follow you. i dont remember half of the people i have "ran into" but i bet i can tell you some of the stuff they told me. thats why i say be careful what you say. doesnt have to go with sincerely, me but oh well.

another reason is because i want you to know this is real. the real me. lol no i dont have stalkers or people pretending to me. (although i do have a"twin" well talk about that later). when i say real i mean i am not trying to give you something that i dont follow. a lot of people who see me around wouldnt expect for me to think the way i do. i mean i am a regular chick. i dont mind wastin away my day drinkin a brewskie and playing bullshit. but there is another part of me that people dont see. critical thinker. opportunist. the future.
random. but thats why.
btw read my last post on my newest blog.

r e s p e c t my catsup.

I think i have overstayed my welcome. I anticipated on staying at my sisters house (jersey village) for the entire winter break but i guess my lack of funds called me home. I have been here for about 3 weeks now and I have realized why I decided not to stay here in the first place. Usually I do a good job at ignoring my psychotic parents and actually we have had a pretty s w e l l time lol. until today. i knew something was wrong because i was getting agg over the smallest stuff. Kat, my mom, asked me to go to express and buy a gift card for her, wash her cadi lol the "katlac" and bring home some lemon-pepper wings from wingstop. i was like ok cool. 2 oclock just woke up...i needed something to do. used that as a good time to take some photos.

anywhoo i actually got up out the bed n dressed to do these things for her...the least she could do is resepct my ketchup. we got home with the wings and i was starving. we only had a smidget (lol my made up word for the day) of ketchup so i put a little bit on my plate for my fries of course. next thing yu know here comes kat dippin her fries in my ketchup. once twice maybe even 3 times..its oookay. but anything past that is unacceptable.

she could have easily gotten her a plate and did the same as i did..instead she wanted to use up w she went off back. made me give her the 20 dollar change that she had and went to her room n slammed the door.

i couldnt let her get off that easy lol so i was forced to show my independence by screamin i dont have to be here. im leaving. see yall next christmas break. lol dont know what good that did but now im just waiting for my clothes to dry and for her to cool "dine" (htx thing) before i leave. plus i need the money for my doctors appt tuesday.

all of this could have been avoided if she respected my ketchup.

were not human without fear...

ok so i was on my way upstairs from a quick snack run to the fridge and spilled my grape juice down my shirt when i heard something thumping on the ceiling. (lol i before e except after c) anyway it happened to be the bird that has been nesting in our attic for the past two weeks. i began to think about all of the things that make me scared....might as well put it in a post. (after i clean up the small drops on the carpet...kat, my mom, will be pissed)
you might not care...and if thats the case i dont care but heres a list of all the things im afraid of:
  • shadows.
  • believe it or not...the dark. lol i try to act like im not but in the back of my mind i keep thinking something is gonna jump out on me or some masked robber is going to cover my mouth with poison and take me into the night.
  • i am so sorry if i offend anybody but short people...
  • and ginormously tall people to make it even lol
  • got that from aqueelah and the bee.
  • walking alone in front of a crowd of people looking at me
  • getting sick
  • T R A F F I C. i think thats more of a hatred.
  • guys with long fingernails..!!!
  • blood. surgery. etc.
  • theres so many more but im more into the movie im watching

now its your turn. what is your biggest fear?