Tuesday, August 4, 2009

compassionate w/ my composition

...so inspired, so devious- yet so simple.
back in the day, when things were cool- all we needed was asfdasfjasdlfjaf. nothing.
the only way to get to where your going is by knowing where you came from.
i used to think i had it all figured out because i had first-hand experience.
really, it wasnt until i was able to look back at my past for things to make sense.
have you ever been hungry before? -steady on the grind.
...gotta make a revolution out of 15 cents.
i never thought i would have to say this but apparently it isn't only time zones that change around the world.
close your mind. close your eyes. see with your heart.
i ran into a lot of people who felt the need to stress their realism. _if that word applies.
i hate the fact that i have to write this down, because i don't want to seem as if I'm giving myself a certain title, but the _word must be heard.

honesty is a very important quality to possess, and for some reason i think that having to say you practice it should be equivalent to a double-negative. hope that makes sense, if not:
what i mean is that honesty (being "real") is subjective and having to say that you posess this quality is pointless- therefore when you do, i see you as a forcer. lmao you forcin' it.

i had this convo w/ a friend the other day. (shouts out to kim e. lol)
being real doesnt come from your ability to keep it real with other people.
being real should be determined based on how well you keep it real w/ yourself.
everyday people lie to God, so what makes you think they won't lie to you.

& staying true to yourself (and God) will show others your "realness."
eventhough i love GAME and how lovely it sometimes sounds when its spat,
execution is the only thing that matters. -actions.
that is how i will determine if the game was true.


-the ink of a scholar is worth a thousand times more than the blood of a martyr.
Lupe Fiasco- American Terrorist.

..from my heart to yours. cont'd.

..fighting to be who i wanna be.

now to me.
i have had this blog for at least a year now & havent really gave you all any direct insight into who I am. Ive been so busy trying to keep my personal life personal, that I never realized that it may be the key to my success.

shouts out to this guy:
Max Gibson said... Dope video dope outfit. Lovin this blog. Great mix of content along with your unique perspective and style. keep it up.
-never needed permission, though i sometimes yearned for recognition.

life long questions...well the anwsers:
i tried to make things 'work' but then i was compromising myself- not knowing how.
cold-hearted to some, but the challenge wasnt there.
there are only 2 men in this world who can break me down- one is my father.
sweet soul, but my mind is a bitch. excuse my french.
when i aint sippin, im trippin. lol jk.
my excuse was that i didnt know what i wanted when i always knew who i wanted.
patience is my ultimate virtue.

its crazy how easy it is to get caught up- to me its the equivalent of being comfortable. not to say its anything wrong with it..but for me its not the time.

not enough? - a gift from virgo by beyonce.

Gift From Virgo - Beyonce

an idle mind is the devil's workplace.

no idea where to start, but here goes nothing:
shout out to wale's new mixtape: about nothing

Well, im back. Over the summer I had a lot of people ask me why I had'nt been updating my blog like I used to- my response was that I had a life. jk. But really, I believe in content and if you have been following my blog then I am sure you know majority of my "content" derives from experience. So to anwser everyone's question...I had a life.

I will try my best to catch you all up on my summer because I need your help in getting where I need to be, and in order to do so you must know where I've been. But for all of the inquiring minds- I spent majority of my summer in St.Louis partaking in an internship w/ Fox Ch. 2. I got everything I needed out of this trip plus more.

School starts back soon, and on top of that im going to the big apple next week (once again). I have a very busy couple of weeks ahead of me, so stay tuned...I have much to tell :)


in my line of work you stay in the shadows- so the name Mason is never mentioned.