Wednesday, July 23, 2008


i might not be able to afford some nice brownstone in the midst of manhattan, or the new louis vuitton lcd bag...BUT i am going to NYC for the second time in my lifetime. i am in desperate need of a companion, yet due to the time delay it is hard to find someone fit.
ahh the opportunity.........since i spent most of my time last time shopping, i plan on doing EVERYTHING i didnt get a chance to do last time.
Harlem...visit the apollo. I want to visit bryan park...the site of NY fashion week...statue of liberty....every borough. Definitely want to go to the tyra show but unfortunately it is full until the end of august. uhhhhhh staten island. GO SEE COURTNEY. times square. soho. little italy. china town.
ahh cant want.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

yu buggin what. yu buggin who. yu buggin me && cant u see it aint cool.

LEAVE ME ALONE. for those who know me its not stalker boy. hehe its a new one.
man i dont understand u dudes at all.....
now i know im known to be ___________ (fill in the blank) but geesh youre not even giving me a chance to change. Its like you all are the same. The reason why I was forced to write this blog is because for the past week i have had...hold on let me count..21 missed PRIVATE calls...2 of these i anwsered...and got NO response..just heard this loser breathing on the other end.. That is really are old as heck and have no reason to be playing on my phone.

No porsh its not even what youre never even got that crucial between us.
ANYWAY to you know who.....Do not call me if you dont have anything to say...especially from a private number. Clearly childish. i havent talked to u in 3 months...plz dont try to call now.
man, i am like truly disgusted. leave me alone for the hundredth time. all i meet is mr. ALWAYS-wrong. where is mr. hell im through looking....

for sb2. (stalker boy 2) a few hints:
1. call me on my phone...
2. open up your mouth...
3. everything you do...

dang bee u said it best..!

Monday, July 21, 2008

no mas lip liner. 99'

hehe watchin some show on BET and heard that.
i always wash my hands before i eat..!
take it how u want to.
i really have no point for this just really bored.
SOO i am # 41 on the list to recieve the Black Issue of Vogue Italia once it comes...which is like never........yall may not understand how much of a big deal this is.......I think once i get my magazine I will get it framed....You know what i might just buy 2 so i wont have to open one.....soo excited. On ebay they are going for 400 dollars...well thats if you want each which there are 4.
In case you didnt know...or if no ones reading i guess ill just mention it to myself again...I hope to work for Vogue one day. As a fashion editor. After years of working there I want to start my own magazine publication which concentrates on Fashion.... pause for the cause...why is the lady's name on this movie ANNA MAE? OOh yall do us SO wrong.........Oh yeah i was watching this cartoon the other day and the little elephant was supposed to be black so they named her Natasha. I was so offended...Ok finish later.

no more MARTIN?


in 3 more Marcus. No one to laugh with or go out and boogie with....Hasnt been long but the memories will last forever........How can u dare say u arent coming back....? Thats ok ill just follow you. You cant get rid of us that easy.. Sorry boo. OH but it goes dwn for the going away party......


ahh. the weekend. $$

tons of fun but of course all good things must come to an end.
sorry if this hurts anyones feelings but my days of fun are limited.
gas is too high and unfortunately funds arent increasing at all. HMM ok. so im transferring next semester and have this strange feeling in my gut thats saying its not such a good idea. My first instinct about things are never wrong, and I have always felt as if Prairie View wasnt the school for me. I think it hit me the most when I actually registered for my classes and got my id.
I would love to keep it simple and just go to U of H but the idea of living at home scares me.
hmmmmmmm ill have to come up with something. SOON.