Wednesday, August 6, 2008


i say scary because this transformation is very a good way....

its amazing how u can reunite with someone you were never really close with and find out that you two have soo much in common.
coincidental or destiny...? Me and Cherry ran into eachother in XXi, which I wasnt planning on going to until I remembered that I didnt have anything to wear.
I thought i was going crazy because I didnt think it was possible to just run into somebody in New York City..
To make a long story short....I am absolutely in love with New York and so happy that I was able to meet the people that I did.

For those who dont know I am interested in a career in fashion....anything behind the scenes.... I wanted to spend my second trip in NY focusing on the people and the diversity that I was surrounded by. I also wanted to capture the true essence of NY. SOOO what I focused on was taking pictures.
Cherry and one of our RASTAmen.