Monday, July 7, 2008

heck yah, im mad.

stuck in the friggin Lambert-St.Louis airport......My flight was scheduled to leave at 8:40 and for some odd reason it has been delayed until 12:25. sucks.
Ive spent my time blogging, e-shopping, and watching this dirt dude next to me find possible matches on eHarmony. too funny.....
WORDS IVE LEARNED on this trip:
lil nuts.
hmmm and the list goes on im kinda nodding off..

thick with it.
wop wop wow.

hehe too freakin funny.

this trip was very memorable...considering it was like my 15th time coming to the lou. My sisters friend Mariele got married so we got to meet all of their friends...People from st.louis, tennessee...bronx...atl...FLAWIDa. HEHE...too time..

well words r limited...eyes are closing toodaloo.