Wednesday, August 26, 2009

THIS is the life I chose, rather than the life that chose me.

-my main man, jigga.
Speaking of Jay- I just purchased my pre-order copy of his new album: Blueprint 3; along with 1 & 2. Im soo excited.

Anyway man, its been a minute. I guess this blog is a reflection of how I want to live my life: on my own terms. Lol, it seems like it takes me forever to update it but once I do I am very satisfied w/ the way it comes out. School is back in session, and the end is coming to the light. Eventhough I have a while to go, I guess its time I start acting like thats the direction I'm heading towards. Everybody is always talking about moving on (forward). To me thats just maintainin'. I'd like to think of myself as elevating. Gotta keep gettin higher til I make it to the top. (take it how u want it). This year is my maker's mark. (my outlet) I hope I can live up to the expectations required of me.

Brooklyn, went hard (as usual). I have pix to prove it. This was a well needed trip because it gave my summer balance. I spent majority of it working/learning in a industry full of lies. Going "home" showed me my true purpose. Whatever I do, I have to own my craft. I refuse to work in any industry whose main focus is sales. The TV/News business spent so much time trying to spruce things up, and make the stories visually stimulating for the viewers that the content/reality of it faded. (i cant get jiggy w/ that shit). I could write a whole book on Brooklyn-well NYC, and how much I love that place but I wont take it to that level just yet. For now, Ill leave it at this.

I love Brooklyn, because:
lol i feel like im in kindergarten...
everybody is on the same page out there. I mean its like no matter what level you are on professionally, you are still considered to be equal to the man standing next to you. NYC is a city derived off of hustlin'. Everybody got a hustle, no matter how big or small it might be. We met/saw countless "celebrities," either working, or maintaining their everyday lifestyle. Not to name names but: Jeffrey Wright (Muddy Waters, Cadillac Records), Kelis & baby, Dwayne Wade, Venus & Serena, Tila Tequila, argh Kid Cudi, some b-ball player, and we touched Jigga. lol met some Roc-a-Fella peeps. Now I mean, yeah thats cool & it was kind of surreal but the part that was amazing to me was how their peers treated them. There was a sense of respect between everyone. There is no way this could happen in Houston.

I mean chicks & DUDES, are trippin off of the sight of Drake, who is yet to release a LP. Dont get me wrong, I rock w/ him, but lets be realistic. He's up and coming just like the rest of us. I think the best way to show appreciation is through respect, and not by worshiping these people as if they are God. Now back to Bk.

Times are tough, man. Everyone is affected. I love the idea of collaboration, and to me it seems like the motto for NY. Everyone works together to make the product better. Females act like lady's. You probably dont get that so let me rephrase. These women carry themselves like women, all while staying true to the characteristics of their personalities. I mean no matter where I went, there was a mutual respect amongst women. No hating, no dirty looks, nothing compared to Houston. If a woman felt like you did the damn thing w/ an outfit you put together, she'd tell you. We met countless females, who "took us in" in a way and led us on the right path in NY. Ladies out here would never do that. You cant walk into a room in Houston, without being subject of these girls demise. Its 2009, I have nothing to compete with you about. Its time to give it up.

Sometimes, I wish people could see what I see. But then I realize that everybody has their own outlook on the world. Though, I never give up, i sometimes slow myself down because I dont feel like Im on the same page as everybody else. What can I say, I got some ishh to work on. Id rather die enormous than live dormid*.
Lets see what happens when I fade to black.

Here are some of the pictures I took in NYC, enjoy:



Monday, August 24, 2009


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