Friday, May 15, 2009

early one friday morning.

speaks for itself.
love yall.

doesnt matter if youre black or white.

my bread n butter.

dont know why but my camera likes him.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

its a Yaheee thing.

Okay, so there's these guys....I think they're pretty cool lol. They go by the name of Yaheee Ent.- An Uptown, Bronx, New York based organization which satisfies the mere existence of the urban community.

By providing a sound that reflects the ideals & desires of our free spirited generation, in addition to designing t-shirts to be worn by many- Yaheee Ent. has claimed its place in the hip-hop community; well at least in NY.
I feel the time has come to expand this movement. Being that I am stationed in Houston, I havent had the pleasure of meeting them all but my dude Ev Easy put me "on." Not your average "clique" Yaheee Ent. is making big things happen. Known for their exclusive parties in the Big Apple, they have attained city-wide recognition.

A lot of people are discouraged when told to try or hear something new- whether it be because they are afraid, or because they might feel as if it may be too "trendy." The personality exhibited by Yaheee Ent. is proof that their
future will not be subjected to the limitations of a trend.
To learn more about YAHEEE ent. feel free to visit them online
Kicks for Kids is the official clothing line of LaVell Wimberly (brother of EV Easy- a component to the Yaheee movement.)
Interested in KicksforKids????
Shirts are on sale NOW for $22.
You can make purchases online.
Visit their official myspace:

FYE: "Cant Stop Me" - Fly Bri, Sylk Smooth, & Mighty Infamous.
* Dont forget to mute my background music before playing.


the trend continues...

weary eyed as i attempt to recover from the "elements." my intentions were modest i sware. (sp) anywhoo its mother's day, and i must say I have the best mother by far. Sorry if that offends you. So I go to the self-car wash up the street and as I vacuum the inside of my whip I see this:
idk man. to be honest the moment i saw it i laughed a little..then on the ride home I started thinking how much this picture symbolized a portion of my childhood. People were (and still are) quick to assume that because im from the suburbs my life has been easy. Though I havent had a traumatizing, life-changing experience I think my surroundings have had a huge impact on my personality. Growing up we (my fam) were the only blacks on the block. My best friend(s) were hispanic up until I reached grade school. Shout out to Valerie lmao. Opportunities passed us by forcing us to think it was something WE did. On the contrary it was just because we invaded "their space." Thank god my parents enrolled me in school in Houston's school district, if not im sure life would suck! I remember being called nigger on various occassions. I specifically remember the look on those kids faces when they said it. Honestly, I didnt care...I knew that I would be able to hold it against them or rebel if i needed to. I was a youngin who understood the principles but didnt necessarily understand why. All i knew is that if someone said it to me, I would be forced to make them cry.

I dont think the severity of the word will ever get back to how it was, but at the same time I dont fault those who use it. As far as my opinion goes: it will always be used but im tired of whites attempting to make it derogatory again. We (our people) use this word daily, and yeah we might be pissed when YOU say it but dont for a second think you have hurt our feelings. You using the word merely reflects your ignorance, incompetence, all around stupidity.


btw Rockets vs. Lakers 52-77 right now. didnt want to boast on fb (avoding attention from the haters) but ALREADY! lol. [AARON BROOKS. you better do that] damn && yao got a broke foot. Rocket-ball.