Saturday, February 7, 2009

searching for lessons hoping the pain will lessen.

words will NEVER be able to express the severity of our experiences this night.
in efforts to capture good pictures my friends and I traveled around Hempstead (Country area near PV). MJ came in our lives and somewhat took over.
Im assuming someone thought we were breaking in to something; so they called the cops. I mean it makes sense..we were in an "Alley". Out of no where 2 cop cars swarmed in forcing us into a corner. (leaving some details out). Lol insticts tell you to run. & thats just what we did. well to make a long story short we GOT AWAY... after being checked for warrants and age. thank the lord...i wouldnt be here right now. are the pictures i took:

motto of this story: you only get caught if you tell.

i wrote my first news story....

Pastor West, MY PASTOR, came to visit my school in efforts of breaking down the spiritual aspect of black history.
Additionally, this was my first news story written for the Panther, our schools paper. Ill post pictures of it once it is published.
Here are the pictures:

i cried. :(

lol ashame. i knew i wasnt supposed to be reading it. 20 questions. hope i dont see u in there.

taking notes.

pictures taken by: Vesta. lol.