Saturday, January 24, 2009

L I V E above the influence.

enough said. live ABOVE the influence. lol i know you all have seen those commercials. "I left my friends at the party and let them find their own way home." Lol well yeah we were going to do one of those commercials but battery was dead.SOOO youll just have to wait until next time......


someone once told me that i was dumb for majoring in communications; their reason being that by the time I graduated from college the world of publication would be deserted. I mean at first I believed them mainly because the internet has taken over EVERYTHING. "feel my pain u lyin" IF that were true that would mean all industries would suffer including Advertising, Marketing, and all the companies that invest in these services. THEREFORE i dont believe it to be true. Above you see pix of a portion of my magazine collection. All handled with care. My favorites include Missbehave, VIBE, and of course VOGUE. I hope to work for them one day. I think I study VOGUE more than I do my school books. SAD i know? Guys do me a favor...take care of your zines....BTW im very excited...By the end of the semester I plan to have a zine of my own...LOL i doubt it will come out how I am expecting but its worth a shot.Anyway im preparing myself for another Champagne Chronic Nightmare (Solange) tonight.
"none of my friends speak...they all tryna win. "
my soul is possessed by d'evils in the form of zines && flix.



Tuesday, January 20, 2009

politics as usual.

the challenges we face are R E A L.
-barack hussein obama.

Im not sure where exactly I should begin.
Im sure I will not give the severity of these past events justice.
I guess Ill just go in chronological order.
Though Ive been following the election somewhat closely I havent come to appreciate it as much as I have recently.
The We are One broadcast was great and you already know I had to watch it because of B. I couldnt stop laughing at the asian girl in the background asleep.
Anyway at that point I was just in awe of Obama and the fact that the people we idolize were there to commemorate this event.
I woke up this morning and went to our student center for the viewing of the inaugural ceremony. Once again I teared up but for different reasons. I grew up having my parents give me interesting history lessons on how things were for them growing up. They had a first-hand account of how things were back then. Things I could never find in any history book.
Sitting in that room made me think about my kids and grand-kids studying this event in their grade school classes. I was able to not only vote in the election that brought our first black president, but i was also able to experience it with my friends, family and majority of prairie view's student body.
As Obama spoke I looked around, and despite the few people who werent paying attention you could see the hope of our people transcend to Obama. I saw a man who despite any indifference or mistakes he may make, has already claimed his place in history...and also has changed the outlook of our country through its people.
Classes were cancelled today until 12 o clock. I tuned in to the inaugural parade. I have to admit my friends and I were going crazy just watching him walk. We found ourselves asking random questions like who could possibly run after him. It would HAVE to be a woman. We are so interested in the process and outcome of every decision he could make so we decided an Obama reality show would be sufficient. We made a few jokes but all with love.
I know there is no point in preaching about people throwing all of their dreams into one man...if you listen Barack tells you himself.
Later i stumbled onto the Inaugural Ball. OH MY GOD. no words could begin to describe my feelings. It was all UN REAL. Beyonce brought me to tears. Michelle's dress made me jealous. Obama made me proud. JAY Z almost had me bawling. I think this may be the greatest thing that will ever happen in my lifetime. I watched the Ch. 13 ball and for once in my life politics became REAL in my life. For once I can say I have witnessed progression in our nation and also I feel like i understand.

this may be long and i apologize if so..mind u i cant stop the tears from falling as I watch this video.
Jay-Z...Sean Carter. HOV. from Marcy Projects in BK performed a song from his mixtape for OBAMA...
I think Obama is right..we are at a defining moment. This point in our history should give everyone the notion that we CAN do whatever. We are no longer held back by long-gone ideals of THE MAN. no one can hold you back but yourself. Hopefully i am not the only one who is inspired.

Im going to end this so I wont become redundant or extremely long.
But lord have mercy.......whew. no words

we will no longer make excuses for our way of life.
-Barack Obama.


btw jeff johnson is my dream husband.

i guess if i was simple in the mind...everything would be fine.

these are the questions that i ask myself: can only be assumed that fashion is an extended form of your personality so how can anyone be the judge of its 'precision'. With that said I get angry when I hear people being critical of how someone chooses to express themselves. (im not going to make it seem like I dont enjoy a good laugh or two at a random or inappropriate fit but you get my drift)
2.ive noticed how a lot of people feel the need to broadcast themselves. i mean i guess its a form of networking but its often better to be seen than heard. Ive come across some people who feel the need to be in the public eye...thats cool but when do you cross the line. If other peoples perceptions are the only basis of self-worth you can think of then it shows that your personality is also formed by the public.

3. music is a big part of my life eventhough it might not be apparent to others. why is lil wayne of all rappers considered to be the god amongst men? [i use that phrase loosley] I mean i do have to give it to him the guy is pretty smart but its 09. we all know its time for a change. why is a guy who hasnt HAD to endure the lifestyle that he preaches since he was 11 still captivating the little resources that we barely have. Dont think im hating because I have every album and I secretly crush on him lol but as far as his music and its future i cant get down with it. a friend who shall remain nameless lol once said that musicians..specifically rappers should make music that people can come home from a long day at work, school, etc. and be able to relate to. Not in a literal sense but listening to music should take over your spirits and not just give you something to jigg to. My point is that i believe wayne had his time and he was a very beneficial asset to the game but WHATS NEXT?
4. lol dont think too hard on this one because it might come out dumb. ok so we all know that we live in a country where pretty much everything we have is derived from other countries. Fortunately enough WE make our own money. Now you would think that in times like such we could just print out more money and would no longer be recessed. lol is that even a word. heck oh well. the problem would then be that we are reducing the value of the dollar and inflation would be forced to go up once again. Dont you wish there was a way where we could just print more money and everything go back to how it were in the 70's. lol. dont mind me.
5. Soo. I know the whole theory that womens actions are said to be initiated with their emotions. In essence men think broadly and with facts. Just because statistics prove to us that alot of the stereotypes surrounding gender are true, does that mean we have to follow these stereotypes. Swaying away from the whole emotions/facts thing...Ive noticed that women are also stereotyped when it comes to relationships. Why are we supposed to be the faithful...the emotional...the open armed. And when guys take that roll theyre considered soft or whipped if you will. I dont know i doubt ill ever figure this out. Mainly because when it comes to these 2 gender personalities I think I take the roll of the guy.


Monday, January 19, 2009 a defining moment


Ive been asked to re-evaluate "the plan."
i guess for documentary purposes.
ive realized that no matter how hard i try i cant fully convince anyone of my capabilities.
so im finished.
its time to start narrowing down.
no idea it would be this difficult.
the plan needs fixin.
oh, but it will be fixed.


1 day.

I'm not sure if it is just me or not but it seems as if the significance of these past events hasnt quite set in yet. I mean i teared up a lot when Obama won the election...but reality didnt set in until recently that we had a president who preached the principles that we have only hoped for in addition to the fact that he looks like me. I have experienced first hand the power of democracy. Never in my life have I been so caught up in politics. I mean I didnt even know all of these things took place last election.
I watched the We Are One broadcast yesterday and it was amazing how many supporters Obama has. It seems as if everyone is throwing all of their faith in him and I cant help but question what will be the result if he doesnt meet these expectations.
There is no doubt in my mind that he will do great things for this country...and he has already claimed his place in the history books. I just want us all to really listen to what he is saying. Change cannot happen without the willingness from us. I refuse to put all of my hopes in one man merely because no man is greater than god. I guess i have to start with myself...
BTW. i got a crush on Obama.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

testing my skills...

ok sooo i need help thinking of my next well i guess you can say first official shoot....i plan on using some of my friends as models. one of the shoots i want to do consists of the black panther theory. I havent quite came up with the storyline of it but Im excited...

Anywhoo im using this as a chance to get you all involved...If you have any ideas of something you'd like to see me try please leave a comment.

Try and give a broad idea that can be accomplished limited on Hempstead Texas. Think of this as a way of helping me develop my portfolio. (which i need to get any kind of internship)

I will pick the best idea and hopefully have it together within the next 2 weeks. Be Creative.
Muchas Gracias..


Light skinned vs. Dark skinned. (partial)

ok this might be really random and i hope it comes out right.
considering the fact that I have a lot of time on my hands I have been thinking about all kinds of randomness. Something that has captivated my thoughts lately is the whole light skinned vs. dark skinned non-sense. (hopefully everyone saw the episode on tyra a while i dont have to go into detail)
anyway even if you havent heard much about it im sure you know its there. Im not one of those females who doesnt talk to a dude based on his skin color. When I say that im not neccesarily talking about race..i mean the various skin colors of african americans. I have alot of friends who WONT talk to dark skinned guys or light skinned guys for that matter. I understand having a preference but sometimes we cant always get what we want.
Now I have "talked to" (i would say dated but I dont like that term) guys that were light skinned bright skinned, black as day and in between. Of course I have a preference and an ideal guy pictured in my head (to spend the rest of my life with that is) but it isnt always that easy.
I was looking through pictures of me and my friends. Most of my friends are the same ones from highschool. well pretty much all of them. I remember in high school having a convo with my bestie (lauren) about not having any dark skinned friends. It was wierd because all of the girls who considered themselves dark skinned werent really that at all. I mean im no where near yellow boned or whatever u wanna call it. i guess you can classify me as somewhere near caramel or brown skinned. In no way shape or form did we ever sit down and say were not going to hang with those girls and Im sure they never said the same about us.

lol a very old school picture. This was LSG (Lamar Senior Girls)....we threw parties..but these were the sum of my friends....well for that time period.

well i cant speak for everyone but coming from a very diverse highschool I was able to notice a lot of things about race. For one all the kids of the same race seemed to attract eachother. It was like you didnt even know the names of the other kids. I mean i came from a school with 7,000+ students. I guess my point with this you think blacks of the same skin tone attract or do you think we have our own biased opinions of the other's..



pardon my indescretion.

throwback pic. minus OR plus a few. beyond wasted in this pic.. (candy cane)

SO Friday I changed my minor. I am very excited. As you all know my major is Communications emphasizing on Journalism and now my minor is officially English. Lol i might be the only one who is excited. I havent quite decided if I want to minor or Double major but im sure it doesnt really matter. According to my dad as long as I get a teachers certification ill be fine.

Anywhoo im late but all my debts are paid from last semester and I was finally able to register. Still have to find one more but so far I am taking College Biology (boooo i didnt take it last year) Advanced Composition (highly excited..) Spanish (somewhat excited..havent taken this since 10th grade. wanna become fluent) and Introduction to Film (excited).

I have to stay focused this semester. I figure if I go to class.. do my work and study afterwards..hopefully find a part-time to go to for the duration of the day...i would still have time to party hardy with the guys. lol or not...well see.

anywhoo KIRKO BANGZ and VESTA THE MOLESTA pix comin soon....