Saturday, June 28, 2008


Why is the whole community sooo consumed by the entertainment industry that we go through great lengths to ensure our involvement in it.

Not to act like I had no part of it because lord knows, the BET awards was the only thing i was talking about last Tuesday. 7 pm sharp.....i was sitting in front of my home-made television [projector hooked up to the comcast cable box] waiting to see who was going to open up the show and how they POSSIBLY were going to beat Moniques previous performances.

PAUSE FOR THE CAUSE: usher did horrible. What a way to start the show off bad. I mean it might have been ok if he did the remix to Love in this club and brought out B...only because thats my girl.......

How come every time Lil Wayne gets on stage he brings the whole damn family. Keyshia cole....nuh uh boo how about you try lip syncing like Usher because you cant dance and sing live at the same time. Anthony Hamilton.....I LOVE U. i love the suits you.

all i have to say is...BLACK PEOPLE....we GOTS to do better!!!

BLACK: a fad ????

Disclaimer: To even have to write this down is an abomination. Though the color of "our" skin has been accepted [and i use that term scarcely] we still have not made it to where we are "it". Sad to say i dont think we ever will.

Fashion is undeniably amazing in my book. No doubt about it very material, but now days what isnt. The fashion industry has to be one of the most competitive industries that offers a wide variety of paths to roam. I love every aspect of it. My main point of this is a very recent issue that has come up in the fashion industry. Last week Vogue italia launched their very first issue with black models. What an amazing accomplishment. In the midst of my celebration I began to wonder why.....I once read that they decided to incorporate african american models into their program because that is what seemed to be "in". My question is this. Why is it that black people, though accepted, are now viewed as some sort of accessory instead of being a part of whatever the topic is. Whether in the fashion industry, wall street or even in day to day relationships. To me it seems as if people who arent of color use blacks as a ladder to heighten their self-image and it disgusts me. Have we not proven our equality? These 2 beautiful young black women have made history. 19 years old- the same age as me- and they were chosen to represent black women all across the world in Vogue italias "black" issue. It urks me that in the 21st century we are still trying to prove our worthiness, and that the statement BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL is really true.
ok im through. im getting angry.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another long day at wrk && once again my efforts have gone the driver seat of my truck that screeeeeeammms FABULOSITY....hmmmmm I wonder if theres dinner on the table.....

i love my car but in love with the gas that goes in it...$$


i dont need another introduction other than this..

First and foremost,
BARACK OBAMA for president!!!!!!

I must admit at the beginning of the current election, I was not running along side with Obama. [very strange coming from an African-American]. I totally disregarded the nationwide assumption that all blacks had to vote for THE black presidential nominee. As time past and I actually paid attention the the hopes, dreams, and what could eventually turn out to be BS from the candidates i went ahead i decided not to vote at all. A month went by and I realized why Obama was so significant.
Younger than my FATHER, embodies all of the qualities I could only dream for in a prez, and the fact that he looks like me is merely a plus. OBAMA FOR YA MAMA.

A young college student trying to find the right path. in love with ALL types of music......PAUSE FOR THE CAUSE: OK i thought this was soooo strange...just to let you know i am a HUMONGO kanye west fan. [psst.....mean as gangrene on the made up word scene] When the life of Donda West was taken away [god rest her soul] i felt his pain. WHEN I CRY YOU CRY KANYE!!! It was bad enough back then when this so called DOCTOR ,who caused her death, had previous DWI charges but this is just horrible. WHYYYYYY is it that. Adams was arrested on his 3rd DWI charge since 03, accused of driving his jaguar up an off ramp in Cali. ABSOLUTELY dumb.

-food fer thought.