Saturday, April 11, 2009

that party last night was awfully crazy..

somebody HAD to tape it!!!!! please let me see the video. unfortunately i left my camera at home so i dont have any pictures of my own. here are a few stolen TOGA pix. TOGA 5 GOIN LIVE...!

gosh. i wish there was a toga every week! lmao I usually wouldnt do this but (shout out to the ZetaBeta Nupes). lol what a night!

aint no feelin like bein free....

After an intense game of questions, I came up with the idea for my next post. Lately, Ive been focusing on fulfilling the needs of me (mind, body, and soul). For once in my life I can honestly say I am happy. Not to say Ive been depressed for the past 19 (and a half) years but I finally feel as if I'm satisfying my needs rather than those of my peers. I have had random people actually ask me why I smile so much, or how come I am always happy. In no way is this emotion derived from the desire to change other people's feelings. Like i literally cannot help it. Why? Because I am free. Yeah, you might be able to argue that this is a lie due to the eternal regulations put in place by my parents, or the setup on the world that the government has developed; but for me it doesnt even get that far. I am free in not only my actions, but also my mind and soul. No one can control my thoughts...though they can try. No one can manage my feelings...though sometimes they can influence them. I am finally beginning to realize how true all the insane theories of life are that I once heard as a child. Dk.

just a thought.


RBTs X Bass Presents: I Heart Art

So a bunch of cool kids at school decided to come together and host an art show. This event gave students and friends of the university a chance to display their artwork. I am very happy I had the chance to be apart of this event:
If you are an artist and looking for help with distribution and other outlets to display your work visit: This is an all female marketing agency whose main focus is helping up and coming artists get recognized. I am a member of Sigma Tau Theta (Communications org) and we are hosting an Art Festival next week. If you know anyone who can sing, dance, rap, write poetry, draw, paint, etc. please let me know!

graphic design?

Okay so I officially bought my own domain : I am now in dire need of anyone who can help me get it together. If you or someone you may know is familiar with web design and graphics, I would greatly appreciate the help. Until then I will probably link the website to this blog.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Introducing Dominique Henry

The Odyssey of Dominique

The lights are dim, and all you can hear is the roaring howl of anxious fans awaiting the arrival of their respected idol. Cameras are flashing as spectators are consumed by the whimsical phenomenon before them. The fantasy soon becomes reality the very moment the graven image appears on stage. This mirage is merely a portion of the achievement Dominique Henry, singer/song-writer, would one day hope to achieve.

Born and raised in Houston, TX, Dominique has had access to all styles of music. Though many would classify her singing as Neo-Soul, Dominique is a Contemporary R&B artist, who has evolved with influences such as: Billie Holiday, Brandy, and Etta James.

Though Dominique has only been singing professionally for four years, she has been recognized for her voice ever since childhood. The church held the foundation of her singing, being that it gave her an exposed outlet for her voice. Unlike most other children, whom used sports and instruments to exhibit their individuality, Dominique used singing as her alternative avenue. Being a professional singer soon became Dominique’s calling, after performing in her eighth-grade talent show. She sung the Destiny’s Child hit “2nd Nature,” and received an astonishing response from the crowd.

As an up and coming artist Dominique has had to deal with the reality of the music industry, in addition to the harshness of non-believers. She feels as if having knowledge of the business aspect of the industry has worked to her advantage, however, the negativity of some people has been hard to deal with.

After a year of hard work and dedication, Dominique’s debut album, “Good Girl Blues” is scheduled to hit stores Tuesday, April 7th. Working, writing, and helping with the production of the album, are all dreams of hers which have finally come true. “Good Girl Blues,” serves as a reflection of the many experiences Dominique and her peers have found themselves apart of. “We all are good girls at heart who end up in bad situations.”

Similar to Houston-native Beyonce’ Knowles, and her alter-ego Sasha Fierce, Dominique believes there is a distinct difference in herself as the artist, and herself as the individual. Dominique Henry, the individual, is fairly private and family-oriented. Dominique, the artist, is more sociable and is quick to put herself out there.

When asked which she would choose if she could be a singer during any time period, Dominique immediately said, “The Motown Era.” She believes that she would really thrive during that era, simply because back then things were music-oriented, and focused on talent. Dominique’s fondness for Tina Turner goes beyond fascination, as she is amazed at her struggle and continuity as an entertainer.

With songs lyrically reflective of real-life experiences, Dominique hopes anyone who listens will be able to relate by remembering the feeling, or knowing someone who has. Dominique has had the opportunity to steer her dreams into reality, and she reminds us that hard work will eventually pay off. “If you can do it for free, you can do it and get paid.”

For more information on Dominique Henry, visit: Album hits stores Tuesday, April 7th.

Danielle E. Mason