Saturday, January 10, 2009

different but i like it.

Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa.

the name of Lisa Bonets new born....btw i love that girls dress...



lol thank god i actually got out of the house. I went downtown today in hopes of getting some good shots but didnt want to pay to park anywhere. I went to rhe Obama Headquarters (Travis & W.Alabama) which was pretty cool. Random but they sell cool jewelry there. Ahh then i went to the infamous 3rd ward TX in hopes of finding something random to shoot. I had to give my play sister my nephews xmas present so I went to meet her. Here are the results of my randomness.

i will be updating this again check back periodically. Still in the process of editing pix.



i cant go to sleep and i refuse to watch this movie by myself so i got on here. 4:15a.m. and i plan on going downtown manana to shoot so I should be sleep. i want to find the obama mural and hopefully i can find a good subject to pose lol.

omg. this is funny on so many levels..native houstonian (by way of katy)lol so yu know ive been following dc and bee for their entire career. lol ive never seen this one.

school starts in 2 weeks and the time couldnt go by any slower. my bestfriend is leaving so i will only have stacy as a source of entertainment. Ugh i dread havin to deal with 2 crazy roomates but well see how things go.

i cant wait until the day when i can say obama is my president. officially that is. "im no politician but i rock with obama" im a sucker i know...i cried when he won the election. when i saw the picture of his family in front of the seal i couldnt help but think of the movie Head of State. It all seemed fake. was going to go with the school to the inaguration but too much money for too much chaos. id rather watch it on tv.

omg i need a life...!


Friday, January 9, 2009


lol as you all know im from the mean streets of katy. i spent the day at the Katy Heritage Museum in Old Katy. Lol i had no clue it was there. I ended up playing with this software that came with my camera..Lord knows paintshop was too hard. Just playing but i am pleased at how they came out. I cant put my camera down...! stay tuned..OH AND BRE I BETTER GET MY BIRD LOL. BTW guys..ive reached 30 more than I ever expected..thanks for the feedback.



Thursday, January 8, 2009

food for thought. (dont read if you dont have an open mind)

kept it simple for the slow ones.. you aint gotta read my ishh. just respect it.
Just got off the phone with kirkland && i guess Ive got my thinking cap on. As i stated before I never want to go into anything with unclear intentions so let me give you my disclaimer now.

Disclaimer: I am not here to ridicule nor make you change anything...My sole purpose is to inform, give an alternate outlook of the world, and hopefully inspire your desire for greatness.

theres a time and place for everything and i thank god for giving me mine. I spent a lot of time focusing on the things that gave me pleasure instead of the things that would bring me happiness. i guess you can call this my testimony.
(p r e a c h pastor west) lol sorry its a brookhollow thing.

hopefully everyone reaches a time in their lives where they want more than the material things that society worships. if not....your time will come. too many times people wait until the last minute to do the things that will satisfy their desires. when i say that i mean: vacationing (seeing the world), conquering their fears, and all of the other elements of happiness.

I dont want to make it seem as if any of us are to blame so i will simply say we are distracted. Like KB i wasnt able to separate myself from these distractions until I transferred schools. Of course, Prairie View has many downfalls and things that can get you "caught up" but Ive learned how to ignore them due to past experiences. I guess it helps that I dont really know anybody.

I recently did a post that was focused on following your heart and pursuing a career that you love to do. I think before you can get to the point of determining that you must get to know yourself. Though one of the greatest forms of inspiration is others, you must be original and follow your heart (and morals) to be successful. Too many people see what is working for others and try to follow that same path. It might be a good start but just because something works for them doesnt mean it will work for you.
"if you are doing the same shit as another nigga then you are only going get as far as they did. when theyre out of the game so are you" -Kirko Bangz.
*might not be word for word but you get the point.

I know im not the only one that is affected or at least has realized that we are in a recession. If not you dont need to be reading this. well u can it might teach you somethin. Anyway, we dont have time to fool around or waste anymore money than we have. lol, dont forget the world is coming to an end soon. Find what works for you...or even find something you are interested in. The mind is a terrible thing to waste.

I love learning new things or meeting new people. It gives you a sense of your place in the world when you are able to compare your lifestyle to others. If you dont expand your knowledge of the world, you will forever be stuck in the box that you are accustommed to.

We all heard this one: you are who you hang with. Out of all your friends who will be there in the end? That person that you call everytime you want to hit the club or drink with? Or the person that you can talk to and have a meaningul conversation. Who can hold you up when you are down and then when the time comes yall can kick it and party like its 99. I can honestly all of my friends have successful careers in their future. (lol its only a few of us anyway)

Basically my point is that you must find out who you are. By doing so everything else will fall in line.

Like I said im not trying to provoke change but I just get frustrated when I see people on the same ishh. (i try not to curse) I think everyone should want to make change themselves so the next step is Y O U.

*lol i feel like my dad. (the principal) MAKE IT A GREAT DAY OR NOT. THE CHOICE IS YOURS.. --dr. mason.


p.s. the bible is the best selling book in the world. (50 books per sec. ) it also is the most shoplifted.

FIRST PHOTOS TAKEN WITH NIKKI..! i feel like shes my gun && im shootin all sorta bad guys.
the real kid ugh i hated uniforms...GOOOOO LAMAR!

im an artist. that means im sensitive about my shit.. - erykah badu. lol.

...about freakin time.

now im even more upset...
the guy just dropped this 10lb box off at my doorstep instead of having me sign for it. 800 dollars could have went down the drain. Luckily i was waiting for it. I could have went to my freaking appointment.
Excited about the extra stuff I got with it.
Nikon Case & Strap. Extra battery. 2 16gb memory sticks. an extra lens. this image recall thing...havent quite figured out how it works yet. a memory stick adapter....and a couple of other things i havent quite figured out yet.
now im just waiting on the battery to charge so i can begin experimenting. I wish blogspot had mobile uploads.
ANYWHOO. time to explore...

shawty wanna be a thug.

title has nothing to do with it.
its officially OVER for UPS. ive been waiting all day for my package which has failed to appear.
fed ex..more like fed up. anywhoo no purpose...oh yeah happy birthday to my kid sis. not really sis but the kid. lol nice gift.

happy 18th birthday lex.

look what i ran into at the galleria..tragic.
out of all places @ the liquor store. Rest In Peace Courtney!!!!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

steady B A N G.

ok so my NEW camera comes in tommorow..long story.. HOW excited I am. anywhoo it aint nothin but space n opportunity lol..remember that one. Dont really feel like writing anything inspirational...mainly because I am not feeling inspired. BTW 09...its goin down. MARDI GRAS in New Orleans. Texas Relays in Austin. SPRING BREAK IN PADRE. Oh and lets not forget movin to B R O O K soon as school lets out. Mayne hol up. Lol I had to get my H-town on for a min. Here are pix from last years trips:
the naked cowboy lol. New Orleans LA
steve in la. lol i just love the pic.
lol the rest were innappropriate. trust me.
random LU pic. me and porsh.
Riding around New Orleans. Franky n the back
bathroom picture in austin.
me and cherry. bk museum. nyc.

the 'clan' at tillmans. manhattan.
random graffiti in nyc. im sure this years pix will be better.

the ones that make it complicated never get congratulated.

i never cared...well i mean i did but i guess it never really mattered.
questioned constantly about my motives to the point where i began to do the same.
y o u complained but in the end the memory was still there.
well whose it gonna be?
the real ones
the fake ones
they need a minute to think.
i got the last laugh.
f r e e s t y l e
here comes the pain.
no vendettas
twist'n ya shit [pardon me] sho ya right.
the only blogger with the flu.
i post sick.


o b s e s s e d

if you didnt know awwready i am in love with B.
yonce that is. Obsessed is her latest film which is set to come out this spring. Cadillac Records was awesome so I know this is even better. PLUS it has Idris Elba. (did u know that he is English?) It tells the story of a married man who has an affair with his co-worker; when he attempts to end it he cant because his mistress is obsessed.


early i know...but much later than it could have been. same ol' routine. I wake up to nothing and lie in my boredom. I gazed back and forth at my laptop, that was in arms reach, debating when I should open it up. Hesitant because I was sure I would never get off. Dibbled and dabbled through the net on my "computer phone" until I instantly got fed up with its speed. Grabbed the presario. I did what I had to do on facebook, which wasnt wasnt much, then nature called. Somehow I ended up here.

Ive realized that everyones reasons for seeking higher learning are different; despite what you may think. Yeah the overall objective of it is to get a G O O D job but that's not why everyone goes. Some people go for just that; a good education that will place them higher in the job market. Others to find a spouse. Many people end up going because their parents forced them to. My reason is undefined.

I met a girl from Germany and she didn't HAVE to go to college; well at least for the period of time that we do. She chose to...merely to play basketball. They take they're core classes in high school and in 2 years or less they learn their field & get a job. must be nice.

I guess overseas the people are more focused. Think about it. The first 2 years of our college careers are designed to give us an aspect of every field, so that we can decide what we want to do. We end up taking classes that we will never use, and waste valuable time on nothingness.
I have also realized that even if this day in age people are forced into doing things they don't necessarily want to do.

Ive noticed that the Business department at my school is one of the biggest buildings on campus. Why do you think that is? Not only because they have great Alumni who give back, but also because they have the most students. We grew up hearing that the only way to make good money was by owning your own business. What kind? doesnt matter. That may be slightly true but there are other options.

I strongly believe in loving what you do. Yeah, I loved working at Victorias Secret but no way in hell I want to be there for the rest of my life. If I am struggling to pay 7,000 dollars a semester you better believe that Im going to enjoy doing what I do.

Idk. I guess I just want others to know what I know & feel what I feel. I dont want anyones degree to go to waste because they didnt follow their dreams from the beginning.

p.s. dont ever eat a frozen salad.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

hail m a r y. [ave maria]

subliminally speaking.
when attention gets too thick, you put me in line. you inspire me to do great things.
I go against my better judgement because Im afraid..knowing you can take away the pain.
I ridicule others who indulge in you because they took my place.
Oh how i long for the random visits and wish you didnt run away.

we could defy gravity, if we went to the moon: we would never come down.
seems like forever a long time coming. I cant wait til you come around.
We been all around the world together yet still in one room.
5 4 3 2 1 i am sure i will see you soon.

Q: think you know what im talkin about?
4 stacy...

disclaimer: i am NOT (in no way, shape, form, OR fashion) a poet, nor am i trying to be.


end of the saga.

(trilogy didn't really apply)
hmm. seems like my thoughts are winding down when it comes to this blog issh. mainly because i refuse to just write anything ordinary.
school is about to start and i guess its a new beginning; for me that is. I no longer have anything designated for me to do. (other than class) YES! i guess there's no better time than the present so i might as well put my skills to use. well see how that turns out.

Ive been in the house all day bored out of my mind but too lazy to get up and do anything. I found myself thinking a lot about the many people and relationships I have encountered over the years.
Looking back,
the first thing that would come to mind is that they were fake. Sad to say but that sometimes included me. When i go deeper into each situation I cant really say it was fake because at the time it felt so real. I guess you can say I was chasing the happy. I didnt really know who I was because I was caught up in who I thought I should be. Dont get me wrong...I dont wish to take back any of it. J says learn to live with regrets but I dont have any. LOVE? let me not even go there. The seriousness of it all is hilarious; or it was back then. & i actually thought i was doin somethin smh. :/
if a lie gone get me rather not know the truth. if the truth gone make me rather just live a lie.
-Jasmine Sullivan
Lol its crazy how growing up you go through things and it seems like the end of the world. Back then drama seemed to multiply. Relationships meant more..and essentially all the things that were important didnt matter.

Man, i did some out of line stuff growing up. lol. its nice to mature.
i think about all of the lies i told... In elementary school i used to tell the other kids that Martin Luther King was my uncle, because my moms maiden name is King. My dad owned Katy, TX because we lived off of the infamous Mason rd. The list goes on.
As I grew up I never wanted my parents to know what I was doing. Not because it was wrong but because I needed a sense of privacy in my life. Oh, and because my dad had a one track mind.
After it all Ive realized how important it is to stay true to yourself. The truth HAS set me free. More than ever I feel like I can talk about anything, to anybody without the wandering thoughts or feelings of uncomfort. Being an honest person has shown me that nothing can hold me back. Might not apply for everyone but Ill never go back.

i guess there's no real point to this post. who cares. just needed to write.
not sure how often ill be doing this..&& i didnt even think i would get this far. i thank everyone who has given me good feedback.


Monday, January 5, 2009

teenage love affair...

i want it ALL.
but since I am b r o k e...i might as well share my findings amongst you bumble bee'z.
a c o o l website for clothing is

the only problem is they are limited in supply and sizes. somethin like an online boutique. i love it. i think this site caters to everyone and their own individual personalities.

im sure you all have heard of but if not it is an online market. it allows you to buy and sell things that are handmade. some of it is pricy but you find a lot of rare and unique items.
i want this clock so bad.


(response to medicaid...diplomat)

was lost but now I'm found. i found my drug.
the cure to this pain, or lack thereof.
no longer am i reduced to this feeling, bitter & ashamed.
in a world full of deceit it was hard to maintain.

say hello to the bad guy, or girl that is.
turning over a new leaf. i gotta handle my biz.
in your face like mace I refuse to hide
day by takin it all in stride.
(i dont know how this turned into a poem..i just ran with it. sck at poetry.)

[the real issh.]
no drug can compare to my natural amphetamine. sometimes i wish it could. i found myself the source of your thoughts and subject of your words; at the time it wasnt so good. spent too much time trying to transplant myself from your world & now im thinking its not that bad.
those drugs could only add to the sorrow that i once thought i had.

dang did it again. i give up.

i do this in my slumber; summer.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

can i kick it..

yes yu can,
(in response to the diplomat)
5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20.
thats how long you have until you will be gone. so until then tidy up...kiss some ass and stop complaining lol. jk-ing.

its not about being obedient its about making things flow. disobedience is based off of some weird demon telling you that something isnt right; therefore we choose to disrupt.

i agree with you when you say that there needs to be some sort of line that separates us from being told & choosing to decide for ourselves...well come to think of it there is. the reason why it is important to teach children about the world and what is expected of them is so that these children will be able to decide for themselves whether obedience is the right way to go.

"whoever said illegal was the easy way out couldnt understand the mechanics...&& workings of the underworld. granted" -d'evils.

lol might not apply i just love Jz. my man.

anywhoo i agree with your sentiments mainly because the only reason im on here right now is because i am shoved into boredom by the evils perspired by my old man.

it wouldnt be called home if it werent somewhat similar to how it was when you left. me and vesta had this convo the other day. come home && feel like hostages..physical or through the mind. shoulda known that before you came.

lol sorry kid. i have a habit of going against everything people say...well unless i think its right..




your best danielle rendition.

(had me at hello).
subliminally speaking
i swear ill never fall but at the time it didn't even feel like falling.
i guess now days clarity is an essential component to everything. never again will I go into something with unclear intentions. a battle that could never be won.
doesnt matter if you think youre stepping on my most vital organ; at the end of the day i will always have the upper hand.
its funny how much of an effect our emotions have on us.
"l o v e will make you do right...or make you do wrong."
who am i fooling? 19 at war lmao.
a fallacy. in case you didnt know exaggeration is an extended form of a lie.
spent too much time trying to stretch the truth to make 'it' seem real.
rules are made to be broken. regulations arent placed on the b r a i n.
furthermore no one did anything wrong. just wasnt right.
if i cant have it all i dont want any of it. greedy, maybe?
thats life i live it.
Q: think you know what im talking about?
A: you dont.
somethin like poetry in motion.
i dont follow guidelines..too many people rob minds.