Saturday, September 12, 2009

Back down memory lane.

saturday afternoon, just playin with old pix.

Klass in Session Mixtape Photos

Kirko Bangz & Tre Hood.



boys sittin so close startin to look synonymous.

ok, so i probably shouldnt be writing this, but who cares: my opinion matters too. if RASHEETA E. wouldnt have started it, then maybe I could go without writing this post. As we all know BP-3 was released on Tuesday. ahh. I mean the haters were bound to show some skin sooner or later, but damn. After receiving my 2-disc copy, wrapped nicely might i add, the conversation began!
Rasheeta: I mean, I dont think he's as good as everybody is making him seem. His verse on Run This Town was bullshit! He did'nt say anything"
:O oh my.
God, I have no clue where to even start. I sware it was like a jab to the heart. I understand the principles behind opinions, and in no way do I believe mine is always right- BUT if you dare to say something (that im sure you believe in) plllleeeeaase be able to back it up. And if you cant: fake the funk. _i do.
& then there was a real live debate: (in purple zone lmao)
Now before I get started, lets get one thing straight. I am no jock rider. Like ive said time and time again: I know what I know. If you dont know, dont speak on it. At this point I hadnt actually heard the album, but D.O.A, and Run this town had previously been released. My only question was, WHY?
She said, "I mean the song has a nice hook, but his verse doesnt go with the concept." (mind u these are NOT direct quotes! _And then she read the lyrics printed on the fold out inside the album.
"Well after reading the lyrics, as a Rapper, It looks as if he were freestyling."
_and if he was. thats strictly delivery. i said "so what, coming from a writer: AND i dont even call myself that, when writing something your emotions/thoughts may not be clearly understood, nor is it the responsibility for them to dumb it down for those who may not get it." to me even if it was off the dome, it was him, and no one can say what he meant, or if it applied but him.
Freestyling, though it is a product of improvisation, is still (if not even more) relevant because its still the artist's vibe. you still get connected to their style, and their mindframe, all while thinking damn they just came up with this issh. the only thing that differs is execution.
[Verse 1 - Jay-Z]
We are
Yeah I said it
We areThis is Roc Nation
Pledge your allegiance
Get y'all fatigues on
All black everything
Black cards, black cars
All black everything
And our girls are blackbirds
Ridin' with they dillingers
I'd get more in Depth
If you boys really real enough
This is la familia
I'll explain later
But for now let me get back to this paper
I'm a couple bands down and I'm tryin' to get back
I gave the other grip, I lost a flip for five stacks
Yeah I'm talkin' five comma
Six zeros Dot zero Here it go...
Back to runnin' circles 'round niggas
Now we squared up
Hold up
----> now to me, that was written. Shawn just has a way of delivering his thoughts to where it seems like he's in the midst of a conversation with you. (u see i said shawn, we go back)
...omg like how can you say that's bullshit. hes telling you everything you need to know. Number one: the title is enough. In my Creative Writing class my teacher always reminds us how titles are supposed to exempt all expository elements of our writing. (the who's, the whats, the when's, etc.) Jigga already told yall SOMEBODY was gettin ready to run the town.
i shouldnt have to write this, but since people are acting like they aint know.....
his rhymes, require a lot of intelligence and knowledge of the subjects. Well maybe not a lot, he keeps it pretty simple. He just has a wide range of topics fluctuating in his head. All in one verse, he told you where he's been (lost a flip for 5 stacks) - he bought rights back to his album for 5 mil., and also where he's going, this is rocnation- this is la familia (run this town)- kanye and rhi rhi are both signed to rocnation.
The convo went on and on, and i applaud her for staying strong in her opinion, but truthfully i dont believe you can judge someone like him strictly because he already put in work. To me, its all about respect.
if you actually listen to this map for hiphop that we call bp3, then you wouldnt dare say anything about him being bs. one of his verses talks about how niggas want him back to the way he was- he says how he already did that, go buy his old albums.
i tried, i promise i tried, to listen to the cd with a critical ear, but i couldnt argue with anything. you already know how the album will be before you listen. blueprint- a map. he already gave us the map(s) to his life, and where he was going. Now hes trying to help yall. Tryna change the game up. yall can take it or leave it. im runnin with it.
* rasheeta, my love i apologize if i put u on blast...feel free to set the record straight if u think im wrong. but thats jigga, man. thats like sayin m.jordan didnt put on for the NBA and Chi-town.
-favorite songs: the cd starts at number 5, empire state of mind (you should know why) venus v. mars, reminder, realest out there.