Monday, July 21, 2008

no mas lip liner. 99'

hehe watchin some show on BET and heard that.
i always wash my hands before i eat..!
take it how u want to.
i really have no point for this just really bored.
SOO i am # 41 on the list to recieve the Black Issue of Vogue Italia once it comes...which is like never........yall may not understand how much of a big deal this is.......I think once i get my magazine I will get it framed....You know what i might just buy 2 so i wont have to open one.....soo excited. On ebay they are going for 400 dollars...well thats if you want each which there are 4.
In case you didnt know...or if no ones reading i guess ill just mention it to myself again...I hope to work for Vogue one day. As a fashion editor. After years of working there I want to start my own magazine publication which concentrates on Fashion.... pause for the cause...why is the lady's name on this movie ANNA MAE? OOh yall do us SO wrong.........Oh yeah i was watching this cartoon the other day and the little elephant was supposed to be black so they named her Natasha. I was so offended...Ok finish later.

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