Sunday, January 25, 2009

WELL, alright?

Getting home in the wee horas of the morning is N E V E R good unless you are having fun. Ive been at school for a week and a half and tonight was the first night I spent with my other family. When you speak of family you shouldnt be so quick to relate that term with blood relatives. I think family is pretty broad...considering that I grew up not really having one. Well an extended one that is. Most people are raised with their grandparents..uncles....and aunts; but all I had was mom dad and sisters.
Like I have said before I think everyone should be apart of something greater than themselves and I have done just that. Fall 2008 I became a member of Sigma Tau Theta which is a mass communications organization based on BROTHERHOOD && SISTERHOOD. Im not going to make it seem like it CHANGED my life but I came to meet a lot of great people whom I can call family.
Tonight we went and celebrated Obama's Inaguration at my sister Raquels house. Let me just say her family definitely knows how to party.
Here are the pix:



Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Aw this is so great for you, I hope you have the best time with your new sisters and brothers! ;)

Jervis said...

glad u had fun