Sunday, May 10, 2009

its a Yaheee thing.

Okay, so there's these guys....I think they're pretty cool lol. They go by the name of Yaheee Ent.- An Uptown, Bronx, New York based organization which satisfies the mere existence of the urban community.

By providing a sound that reflects the ideals & desires of our free spirited generation, in addition to designing t-shirts to be worn by many- Yaheee Ent. has claimed its place in the hip-hop community; well at least in NY.
I feel the time has come to expand this movement. Being that I am stationed in Houston, I havent had the pleasure of meeting them all but my dude Ev Easy put me "on." Not your average "clique" Yaheee Ent. is making big things happen. Known for their exclusive parties in the Big Apple, they have attained city-wide recognition.

A lot of people are discouraged when told to try or hear something new- whether it be because they are afraid, or because they might feel as if it may be too "trendy." The personality exhibited by Yaheee Ent. is proof that their
future will not be subjected to the limitations of a trend.
To learn more about YAHEEE ent. feel free to visit them online
Kicks for Kids is the official clothing line of LaVell Wimberly (brother of EV Easy- a component to the Yaheee movement.)
Interested in KicksforKids????
Shirts are on sale NOW for $22.
You can make purchases online.
Visit their official myspace:

FYE: "Cant Stop Me" - Fly Bri, Sylk Smooth, & Mighty Infamous.
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