Sunday, September 13, 2009

i cant wait for Kanye's new album!

Ok so heres the deal, I could care less if anyone reads this, or if they agree with what I have to say- but I have to get this out. its KANYE ALL DAY! My motto is if you dont feel me- "f" u, and i believe that this applies with the Kanye Experience. Everybody wanna talk about being real, but when it slaps them in the face, morals and judgement comes in to play. When ye got up and said "George Bush dont like Black people," everybody was noddin' their heads, and giving this man praise. Yet, him voicing his 'opinion' about a mere genre stirs up yalls fancy.
Whether you agree or NOT, Kanye had all the right the voice his opinion. The context of it was the only thing that should have been considered- but then again its ye. Thats not his style. If you want to know my opinion, (which doesnt really matter) Beyonce WON that category, but they HAD to give the award to Taylor Swift (who by the way is a sweetheart- and didnt deserve the pain; but welcome to the business honey). I wouldnt know first hand, but in my opinion the industry is nothing but a business- and in that certain things must be done to provide leeway for future endeavors.

if yall want to be technical, Beyonce is a bad Beyotch! lol "straight up" (htown voice). She's leaving room for whoever got next, all while setting trends as she explores her creativity. How many vids were insprired by Single Ladies? The simplicity of it was the best part- because just like jigga she brought it back to its foundation which showed that perks can never out-do raw talent.

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Kanye is officially- my man (jigga voice). Today he proved his loyalty, his spontaneity, and most of all his integrity, because he stood up for what he believed in regardless of the consequence.
Im always trying to put myself in the place of others, mainly to keep my sanity, while trying to understand the situation. The only thing I could think of during the VMAs was Ye. I never wanted to be in the limelight because I felt like I'd be surrounded by people who spent their time trying to maintain a certain image by misconstruing the reality of it. Ye' proved that its possible to keep it real, in a society full of fakes.

Everybody is talking about what shoulda been, and how things should have played out, but lets be honest, then we wouldnt have had anything to talk about. I LOVE KANYE OMARI WEST! lol in a non-obsessed way. Everybody is entitled to their opinion and I hope you consider all angles when making yours.

Taylor Swift, it was bigger than you. WE have never had full out love and respect from MTV (maybe we wont) but at least ye stepped up and said what majority of us were at home pissed about.

Thanks Kanye!


& for all the Kanye haters- We aint worried about nan' VMA, Moon Man, nor being in attendance. We already had that. (you like that we dontcha).

doesnt apply- but watching lil wayne: behind the music, and i needed to quote this. "im an artist. if you give an artist a canvas, ill make art."


Eclectic Cru said...

I am the ultimate Kanye fan! sometimes I get a little too enthused about him and his artistic genius. However, to whom much is given must is expected, and I cannot glorify this incident, given the circumstances of Black America, specifically the OVAL OFFICE. Obama is the ultimate sacrafice for blacks wrongdoings at this moment. He is scruntinized FOR EVERY SINGLE THING HE DOES by the republicans, the "ignorants" and the educated, regardless of its positive results. They have done everything in their power to destroy him and incidents like this, I believe make OBAMA's burden heavier. Between the Kanye, Serena and habitual "Obama Racism", we as blacks need to strive to reach OBAMA status, by doing things gracefully for our own sake and for the sake of the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT OF THE US. What Kanye did jus gives the critics more justification (although its aburb) to belittle and devalue the black man and race. The way he carried Hennessey and all in a public facility and interrupted an "innocent young white girl" must be taken into consideration from all perspectives. Its not about Kanye "doing him" at this point. Its about helping elevate our people to the next level and rising up to the leaders, moguls, scholars and executives we were always meant to be. Yet, I do think Kanye is human,he makes mistakes, and its his style to be blatant and blunt, but who is really paying the cost for his actions? I'm not mad at him at all, but I certainly do not think its an incident or act that should be celebrated at this point in time. We have too far to go to let insignificant acts like this hold us back.Racists people sadly thrive off of mistakes such as the one Kanye made, this is fuel to their fire. BUT HE IS STILL AN ALL TIME FAVORITE!

Elise. said...

Thanks for commenting,

I mean, I agree completely. At the time I wasn't even considering other angles besides that of Taylor Swift- I was stuck in my initial response as it occurred. Seems as if things have gotten a bit easier (as blacks)or so we tend to make it seem. We have taken on a role in which minorities have become the authority. By that I mean we feel as if we have some sort of leverage over other races- especially since Barack came into office.
Im not sure what it may be but the ego of our people has progressed tremendously. Sometimes,I forget because I am caught up in it myself, but in order to be given the respect we demand, we must learn to set our pride aside and release it as well.
I only have general knowledge regarding political matters, but the turmoil and disrespect of Barack is clearly present. As far as Kanye, ahh man. I mean its hard to get past the whole,"Oh, its Kanye just doing what he does," thing but at the same time I appreciate him and his personality so much that I feel as if I understood where he was coming from.
I think people should take from this that the further up we get in the spotlight, we must focus our actions on bettering the lives of someone else while maintaining a sense of pride. Kanye has a beautiful soul, and I know his intentions were not to hurt her, but now he must focus on using his "realness" to make this place better while being tactful.

Thanks for giving me your opinion. Like i said before I was stuck in being a fan...I am still kind of Ok with the situation lol, but I completely agree with what you said.

Eclectic Cru said...

COOL COOL! why can't the rest of the world compromise and dialogue like this?! lol

Evan rOss (Eraw Photo) said...

White America and the powers that be did need Kanye to be ammunition for anything. Whether he did that or not THEY would still scratch up nothing and turn it into something. Lets be realistic, if every black person were perfect they would fault us for that too. Thats why i dont buy into the whole idea of Kanyes actions giving THEM ammunition because they would have it anyway. In the end the only color that matters is green. Thats the only thing anybody respects really, because thats the society we live in. Capitalisim

MR. CHAP said...

*standing O*