Sunday, November 15, 2009

sitting in my room, listening to sade, thinking about my chi-town juvie.
the best.
years ago i thought i would grow out of my ruthless ways,
but then i realized that growing into them made me the person that I am today.
"tell me what u want; tell me what u need."
but if i dont know is it really that easy?
believe half of what i see and none of what i hear.
i will not see what i cant have forever.
i could have loved you more- if i tried.
better nights. better laughs. better times to pass.
busy focused on the past that u dont even consider the future.
or maybe thats just my naive demeanor.
niggas think they know you until they meet you
and even then they still misconceive you.
im through tryin to convince you.
"They will say that my name was never uttered, that tongues never tasted the syllables of my existence." -myFriend.

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