Tuesday, March 17, 2009

the other side of the game.


as promised.
before i get to the good stuff. "is anything im doing brand new...feel like im in crazy competition with the past." read it again if you have to. Not here to hype drizzy up any further than im sure y o u already have, but its the truth. a melodic metaphor for something im sure we all think about daily. its like, how can we move on to be innovative when we are hounded by the thoughts of being the same. Pastor West began to talk about how we as people tend to become carbon copies, merely because the ideas we manufacture are initially absurd. (if you dont do it im positively, positive someone else will).

okay im ready...! "work aint honest..but it pays the bills." how will my story be told? [although she was imitated often..i felt like i was being myself]
So. what is the game? an obvious antonym (opposite) for life. i say antonym because this is something you dont PLAY with. i understand the game, S O M E T I M E S. Though its understood that we experiment in it...there is no room for horseplay. Through a series of fouls, interferences, and "un-playerlike" misconduct we learn the lessons that somehow keep us in line.

Elementary school we learned the difference between quality vs. quantity, but the values behind it hadnt become apparent until now. Lol. I remember being in Girl Scouts..and at the beginning of every meeting we'd recite the pledge: On my honor, I will try to serve GOD and my country..to help people at all times, and to live by the Girl Scout law. (While holding up the girl scout sign of course). It never occured to me that those would be the principles that I would one day live my life by.

Now that the game has been established I believe it is our responsibility to reflect its contrasting exceptions and loopholes. "the OTHER side of the game." what you gone do when THEY come for you? because i tell yall right...yall think im wrong. Not to say that it wont work but all angles must be considered.
i often question who gave me the words that i came to give. completely ignoring the truth--> the ultimate and sole purpose for my being.

play it back from the top if you recognize real. my words are the only thing i can hold on to. so dont jock my issh.



deezy.PRIME. said...

i love the gnarls barkley reference..one of my fav songs ever!

but that is the never ending question in my opinion ,"i often question who gave me the words that i came to give. completely ignoring the truth--> the ultimate and sole purpose for my being."..our purpose in life may come to us in the craziest way like mine did or we may know it all along but no matter how it comes or how long it takes at the end of the day it's up to us to fulfill this purpose and live rather than exist.

Chelsea Jane said...

I love the way this post was written.


Elise. said...

thanks guys!

& im glad u understand where im comin from...

Heather said...

That was a bunch of bullshyt! LMAO!!!