Saturday, May 9, 2009

run & tell yo friends that we on.

not quite, but damn like j "im feelin it"

its been a minute but seems like forever. the time is near man. patience is a virtue which ultimately leads to all levels of ethical excellence.

If you have been following my blog this should be nothing short of familiar to you. KIRKO BANGZ man. not quite the agitator like our young fellow kurt cobain but the excitement is there. Now, maybe IM the one who's trippin (which i HIGHLY doubt) but yall have got to be sleepin on this man.

Verses that demand the upmost respect while maintaing loyalty to popular demand + Spontaneous exclusives of lyrical explosion = whew.

Now trust me when I say I wouldnt bother to do this if I didnt 'feel' him. Not necesarily because he's my friend but truth be told he is the future. "i aint tryna be the greatest. these niggas in the game, they great, but most of these niggas just aint the latest"

Here is a KB freestyle that I love.

I like this one because it just reflects reality from beginning to end.

aww man. what can i say kirko BANGZ... LMAO. but naw recognize real when its given.

As said before:

To find out more about Kirko Bangz go to

Add him on facebook: Kirko Bangz

aye yo kirk lol. get ready because its our time. "i got you"

-the hottest thing out the H TOWN in a while.


NOW, you can run and tell yo friends (or my enemies) that im on.

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