Tuesday, August 4, 2009

..fighting to be who i wanna be.

now to me.
i have had this blog for at least a year now & havent really gave you all any direct insight into who I am. Ive been so busy trying to keep my personal life personal, that I never realized that it may be the key to my success.

shouts out to this guy:
Max Gibson said... Dope video dope outfit. Lovin this blog. Great mix of content along with your unique perspective and style. keep it up.
-never needed permission, though i sometimes yearned for recognition.

life long questions...well the anwsers:
i tried to make things 'work' but then i was compromising myself- not knowing how.
cold-hearted to some, but the challenge wasnt there.
there are only 2 men in this world who can break me down- one is my father.
sweet soul, but my mind is a bitch. excuse my french.
when i aint sippin, im trippin. lol jk.
my excuse was that i didnt know what i wanted when i always knew who i wanted.
patience is my ultimate virtue.

its crazy how easy it is to get caught up- to me its the equivalent of being comfortable. not to say its anything wrong with it..but for me its not the time.

not enough? - a gift from virgo by beyonce.

Gift From Virgo - Beyonce

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