Tuesday, August 4, 2009

an idle mind is the devil's workplace.

no idea where to start, but here goes nothing:
shout out to wale's new mixtape: about nothing

Well, im back. Over the summer I had a lot of people ask me why I had'nt been updating my blog like I used to- my response was that I had a life. jk. But really, I believe in content and if you have been following my blog then I am sure you know majority of my "content" derives from experience. So to anwser everyone's question...I had a life.

I will try my best to catch you all up on my summer because I need your help in getting where I need to be, and in order to do so you must know where I've been. But for all of the inquiring minds- I spent majority of my summer in St.Louis partaking in an internship w/ Fox Ch. 2. I got everything I needed out of this trip plus more.

School starts back soon, and on top of that im going to the big apple next week (once again). I have a very busy couple of weeks ahead of me, so stay tuned...I have much to tell :)


in my line of work you stay in the shadows- so the name Mason is never mentioned.

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