Wednesday, January 6, 2010

god-given name.

"im sorry if im curious, delirious, and i dont take life serious- but i really do mean well." p.s. you can see my heart beating.

so, ive gone into this Hadley st. dream. no like really, i had to look it up after being mesmerized by solange's cd. ((sorry for keep bringing her up guys- but she's awesome))
Im glad to have my bud Zach back around. This is going to be another wonderful year.

I caught myself in the mirror reflecting on the past 20 years of my life (as i could remember).
I was just like, "damn, im 20 already.."

But when i think about it, I am constantly reminding myself that im only 20. its weird i know.


Hadley's the long road,
at this point in my life we can either be really good friends or ill be forced to keep it movin (reminding myself to never forget about u).
in the long run no one gets the short end of the stick.

i had to step back for a while because i realized that i wasnt being attracted to reality.
i was being attracted more so to what the reality could become.
(apply it to all situations)

peace, love, and happiness- has been locked in my brain as far back as i can remember
but i never knew how wonderful it really was.
when people ask me what i do, im unsure what to say..

  • i would say "im a student" but i dont think grades are an adequate representation of my knowledge.
  • i would say a "im a writer", but i lack the mechanics, drive, and structure of such.

  • i would say "im a photographer", but let's be real... i just take pix.

instead, when someone asks me what it is that i do, i'd like to respond: "i live."


be men above men and respect yo name.
cause at the end of the day who cares about the fame.

4 your listening pleasure


Mista Jaycee said...

If you are a photographer then say it! Whatever you speak, comes into existance! You speak it into existance!
With Love

Elise. said...

I understand but I guess I don't ever want to be known as my titles. I'd rather be her (danielle) who does this that and this.
who knows it may get me far in life, or not lol.
well see.