Sunday, January 3, 2010

i wasnt prepared, but ima bring you in right. (houston)
, oh but i always threw up the K.

ima drank until all the drank is gone.
i handle my business, so i thank i deserve to get Thow'd.

(i can get along with them all, but if im not interested you wont even get to see that person).

they talk about bein real, which means you tellin yo truth
if you can tell whats true, then u must be able to tell whats not true..

i celebrate the other things in life.
i knew it was a reason i was badder than them hoes,
but now i dont have to prove it.

against powers that try to rewrite history, you can always look at our works to find truth and sincerity in a world full of processed information.

i told myself i wanted to shine, so i guess i gotta shine.

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