Saturday, June 28, 2008


Why is the whole community sooo consumed by the entertainment industry that we go through great lengths to ensure our involvement in it.

Not to act like I had no part of it because lord knows, the BET awards was the only thing i was talking about last Tuesday. 7 pm sharp.....i was sitting in front of my home-made television [projector hooked up to the comcast cable box] waiting to see who was going to open up the show and how they POSSIBLY were going to beat Moniques previous performances.

PAUSE FOR THE CAUSE: usher did horrible. What a way to start the show off bad. I mean it might have been ok if he did the remix to Love in this club and brought out B...only because thats my girl.......

How come every time Lil Wayne gets on stage he brings the whole damn family. Keyshia cole....nuh uh boo how about you try lip syncing like Usher because you cant dance and sing live at the same time. Anthony Hamilton.....I LOVE U. i love the suits you.

all i have to say is...BLACK PEOPLE....we GOTS to do better!!!

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