Thursday, June 26, 2008

i dont need another introduction other than this..

First and foremost,
BARACK OBAMA for president!!!!!!

I must admit at the beginning of the current election, I was not running along side with Obama. [very strange coming from an African-American]. I totally disregarded the nationwide assumption that all blacks had to vote for THE black presidential nominee. As time past and I actually paid attention the the hopes, dreams, and what could eventually turn out to be BS from the candidates i went ahead i decided not to vote at all. A month went by and I realized why Obama was so significant.
Younger than my FATHER, embodies all of the qualities I could only dream for in a prez, and the fact that he looks like me is merely a plus. OBAMA FOR YA MAMA.

A young college student trying to find the right path. in love with ALL types of music......PAUSE FOR THE CAUSE: OK i thought this was soooo strange...just to let you know i am a HUMONGO kanye west fan. [psst.....mean as gangrene on the made up word scene] When the life of Donda West was taken away [god rest her soul] i felt his pain. WHEN I CRY YOU CRY KANYE!!! It was bad enough back then when this so called DOCTOR ,who caused her death, had previous DWI charges but this is just horrible. WHYYYYYY is it that. Adams was arrested on his 3rd DWI charge since 03, accused of driving his jaguar up an off ramp in Cali. ABSOLUTELY dumb.

-food fer thought.

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