Thursday, December 17, 2009

..get familiar.

I firmly believe in sharing the wealth. (in my case love) I don't spend much time online, but I found a page on facebook that really caught my interest.
CollegeCloset is the name and it is a clothing line focused on making personified fashion affordable for college students.
I was really interested in it because I felt like I was
definitely a part of its demographic.
Started by Ms. Bobby James and Ms. Chinasa Emeneha (i believe) whom are two of my facebook friends, this opportunity is destined to stir up some trouble in the Houston area.
Through unique photography, and staying true to individuality and style, I believe they could go really far.

_all this to say, you go girl lol.


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PIA said...

& bnow you have me obessing. increbily cute & affordablee.