Monday, December 14, 2009

yo way.

lol so I had to write a children's song for class. It goes like this:

You aint gotta shoot guns just to have fun,
and You aint gotta do drugs, just show ya love.
You aint gotta preach what yo daddy say.
Cause at the end of the day..its gone be yo way.

Little boys little girls its time to act like you know
Aint no use in skippin school and you girls need to show
That there's more to life than boppin- and bein a hoe
Mind elevation No self-hatred is the way to go

Money is the goal but it aint the reason
Stay away from hatin niggas and committin that treason
Be men above men and protect yo name
Cause when it comes to the game, who cares about the fame?

lol its a joke but real.. im gonna record it and post again.

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