Sunday, January 11, 2009

be careful what you say....

you may have noticed that every post i end with sincerely danielle. i have many reasons behind that. inspired by janelle monae's song: sincerely jane; i realized that you must be passionate and honest about the things you say. everything that comes out of my mouth reflects apart of my personality. i want to leave my friends, readers, etc. knowing that i have just given them my true thoughts and feelings.

though it often ends up he say she...your words follow you. i dont remember half of the people i have "ran into" but i bet i can tell you some of the stuff they told me. thats why i say be careful what you say. doesnt have to go with sincerely, me but oh well.

another reason is because i want you to know this is real. the real me. lol no i dont have stalkers or people pretending to me. (although i do have a"twin" well talk about that later). when i say real i mean i am not trying to give you something that i dont follow. a lot of people who see me around wouldnt expect for me to think the way i do. i mean i am a regular chick. i dont mind wastin away my day drinkin a brewskie and playing bullshit. but there is another part of me that people dont see. critical thinker. opportunist. the future.
random. but thats why.
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