Tuesday, January 13, 2009


school starts on tuesday and i absolutely HAVE to be employed this semester. My financial aid status x's me out of being able to get work study...and in case you didnt know my school is smack dead in the KUNTRY. the only places to eat are Mickie Dz, Jack, and Williams Chicken. I refuse to work at any of those.
The ONLY way I can move this summer is if I can work up the financial resources needed. Luckily they built the new Outlet about 15 miles down the freeway. I applied at True Religion..cross your fingers (lol i know the hiring manager). Tommorow Im going to head down there and apply at some more places: preferably Coach, Nike, or Banana Republic. Hell idc I just dont want to end up mopping floors in the mens bathroom.
Un-employment SUCKS. heyyy kat is no longer mad about the ketchup lol. i had to apologize.

Soo Notorious comes out friday and I shouldnt even have to say that I will be there....Killuh B..??? lol (DETOX FRIDAYS AFTERWARDS..if its free its for me!) Were going paintballing monday for MLK day...excited!! lol i most definitely will have on my helmet and padded clothing. If you have any other tips let me know..this will be my first time going..

oh hey....for those with facebooks have u seen the new mask chat. Its the infamous chatroom but it allows you to submit questions or comments anonymously. Its really wierd. Check it out.


p.s. took my older sisters grad pictures today....late i know..but ill be posting some of them up in a few.


Jervis said...

man im aggy,it looks like yall gnna have alot of fun. dont let no one shoot u in yurr tushy,thats MY advice,lol

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I've never heard of williams chicken! lol is it good?

Elise. said...

lol girl dont eat there...!!

its some rinky dinky chicken spot they have out here.....i sware everytime u eat there u end up runnin to the toilet.