Saturday, January 17, 2009

soo, im back on the yard.

in a house (or dorm) surrounded by emptiness.
waiting on the CALL so I can determine if I want to go to the game...or not?
hopefully tonight will be one of those nights where time isnt wasted...thats because i plan on getting wasted.-asher.
anyway like i said before im sure I wont be on here as much as i used to....considering the slow pv network and hopefully I will have other things to occupy my time. but I guess thats a good thing because Im sure my posts will be more meaningful and wont be a complete waste of this one. anyway i have been taking a lot of pix but Im not going to post them until I feel comfortable. People have been offering me little gig's based off of what they have seen and a friend told me only to post the ones I love. SOO.. thats what I shall do.
i got a new web cam. well i guess i shouldnt say new because this is my first one. Unfortunately, it needs windows vista and i have xp. so unless i can get the software for my comp. or a upgrade I wont get to use it.

its really cool. (urban outfitters) hey am i the only one who listens to novel?? ok well i got a different its time to drown my sorrows in whatever is available. toodles.




Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

aw sucks about the cam, is there another you can get that works with xp?

Kay said...

Hey hun your blog is cool[interesting; I wouldn't be reading it I didn't like it], I can't add you, cause I'm on my phone, but add me!

Taylorgotbeats said...

haha told you the D60 is addicting. damn that sucks you can't use the webcam windows vista sucks I'm sticking with XP, hope you post the pictures

le said...

you take really nice pics...thought i'd throw that in there

hope you get the cam thing together bc i want to see pics!

Elise. said...

le....i cant follow your freakin y..and have u left tx already?
and idk i like this one so i dont want to get another one. i might just keep it to make people think im spying on them.
ill be putting some up in a few days...once i do these 2 shoots..hopefully they will come out right.

Jervis said...

damn,those shades are crazy

just LAUREN said...

eek i hate webcam shopping, the details just get me irked and i get pissed if it's wrong for my computer.

That Nikon is hot shyt. I'm supposed to be getting the D700, i heard these Nikons are the best!

Elise. said...

well i personally like canons....they take clearer pictures to me. but nikons are cool. i cant put mine down.