Sunday, January 11, 2009

r e s p e c t my catsup.

I think i have overstayed my welcome. I anticipated on staying at my sisters house (jersey village) for the entire winter break but i guess my lack of funds called me home. I have been here for about 3 weeks now and I have realized why I decided not to stay here in the first place. Usually I do a good job at ignoring my psychotic parents and actually we have had a pretty s w e l l time lol. until today. i knew something was wrong because i was getting agg over the smallest stuff. Kat, my mom, asked me to go to express and buy a gift card for her, wash her cadi lol the "katlac" and bring home some lemon-pepper wings from wingstop. i was like ok cool. 2 oclock just woke up...i needed something to do. used that as a good time to take some photos.

anywhoo i actually got up out the bed n dressed to do these things for her...the least she could do is resepct my ketchup. we got home with the wings and i was starving. we only had a smidget (lol my made up word for the day) of ketchup so i put a little bit on my plate for my fries of course. next thing yu know here comes kat dippin her fries in my ketchup. once twice maybe even 3 times..its oookay. but anything past that is unacceptable.

she could have easily gotten her a plate and did the same as i did..instead she wanted to use up w she went off back. made me give her the 20 dollar change that she had and went to her room n slammed the door.

i couldnt let her get off that easy lol so i was forced to show my independence by screamin i dont have to be here. im leaving. see yall next christmas break. lol dont know what good that did but now im just waiting for my clothes to dry and for her to cool "dine" (htx thing) before i leave. plus i need the money for my doctors appt tuesday.

all of this could have been avoided if she respected my ketchup.


nichole said...

lmao @ this.
i feel you 100% miss.

like..ppl don't understand..u put it on the side for a reason. for YOU to use it. not everyone else.

Elise. said...

lol thank god understands my
now i gotta drive a hour away just to get away from this craziness.

the MRS. said...

LMAOOOOOOOOOO awwww i sorry you had to experience that