Sunday, January 18, 2009

pardon my indescretion.

throwback pic. minus OR plus a few. beyond wasted in this pic.. (candy cane)

SO Friday I changed my minor. I am very excited. As you all know my major is Communications emphasizing on Journalism and now my minor is officially English. Lol i might be the only one who is excited. I havent quite decided if I want to minor or Double major but im sure it doesnt really matter. According to my dad as long as I get a teachers certification ill be fine.

Anywhoo im late but all my debts are paid from last semester and I was finally able to register. Still have to find one more but so far I am taking College Biology (boooo i didnt take it last year) Advanced Composition (highly excited..) Spanish (somewhat excited..havent taken this since 10th grade. wanna become fluent) and Introduction to Film (excited).

I have to stay focused this semester. I figure if I go to class.. do my work and study afterwards..hopefully find a part-time to go to for the duration of the day...i would still have time to party hardy with the guys. lol or not...well see.

anywhoo KIRKO BANGZ and VESTA THE MOLESTA pix comin soon....




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Jervis said...

GORGEOUS pic,good luck in skool