Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I cant see it comin down my eyes; So I gotta make this blog cry....

the world went bazurk when 2k0 came...now its just the new year...
i think the only thing i could possibly ask for is peace of mind.
ive realized that i spent too much time indulging in my thoughts. one thing i learned is that the only thing that matters is what you think of yourself.
i find myself thinking a lot of what could have been:
i could have been in school for law....i could have been at S.C.A.D (Savannah College of Art & Design)..i could have been close to graduating...
but then I think...I could have been popping out babies...working at McDonalds (CFA lol)..ahh not being able to lead the lifestyle I am accustomed to.
MOTTO OF 09: shit happens...just blow it off.
* subconscious--that major that she majoring in dont make no money..she aint gone quit cause her parents will look at her funny.
so now that ive moved past && accepted me whats next..? I think ive spent enough time convincing myself of my capabilities...now its time to show the world.
hello world,
I think i am always overlooked because I dont bother showing everyone what I can do. Im through being satisfied with myself. Lauryn Hill says we spend too much time wasting time replacing time. *read it again if you have to. 09 is the year to make up time. after reading my blogs people ask me that dreadful question: whats next. the only reason i hate it is because i dont know.
*ugh. writers block. attention is gettin too thick for my sober mind to cut through. lol
anywhoo. in college you are questioned daily about your future. (blatant or indirectly) ive had this conversation with a lot of people and hopefully it comes out right. once i graduate i plan to move to (you all should know by now but..) nyc. many people have tried to discourage me based off of material things.
ill be honest..i never grew up having to wonder. wonder whether i'd have all the essential neccessities required in life. it even went as far as never having to wonder if id get the things i wanted. im constantly ridiculed for wanting to live a lifestyle that is guaranteed not to compare; i look foolish. I have accepted the idea that i will be living like a hippie for a while, esp. since it is hard to get any job in communications.
now im about to start rambling again so ill leave it at this.
we all are subconscious...im just the first to admit it.
OMG. plz scroll down and play Nas-If heaven was a mile away...if its not already playing.
*im so serious everytime i write my john hancock.

p.s. if you havent already read Reasonable Doubt. i urge you to. i dedicate that to 08.


Ellington 51 said...

sometimes you don't have to know "what next" ...because ultimately none of us REALLY know "what's next" anyway. Dream big & be Great ... but don't let anybody slip in while you sleep and alter the script of the dream. Control your cast–you are the director.

zach.the.diplomat said...

fuck the world!...u are danielle mothafuckin elise mason..nuff said..just do it...LOL..ok i might be still a little drunk..but um...um...just do it...lol...thats all i can say...just fuckin do it...you are already making your dreams reality by documenting thoughts...need i say more?..really...N maybe i should stop cussing so much on here...the next editor in chief could be on here...lol..."but it taste so good to my mouth"..lmao