Sunday, December 28, 2008

(late) hi, MY NAME IS:


I decided to write this post so that I could finally give a precise idea of who I am.
I am the middle child; always outcasted as the bad seed when in reality I was just adventerous. A sophomore at Prairie View A&M University where for once in my life I am surrounded by people who look like me. (HBCU)
One thing I desperately want to perfect is my writing. Though I LOVE to write and I feel that I have no boundaries in doing so; I know that it could be stronger.

I firmly believe in self-expression no matter how you do it. I love and respect every aspect of it from writing, fashion, singing, and even documenting.

Photography is something I believe will set me free. Though it might seem as if I am taking pictures I really am documenting and expressing my feelings at that moment.

I am moving to Brooklyn this summer so I can get a taste of the lifestyle in addition to proving to everyone that NYC is the perfect place for me. I spent a lot of time contemplating whether I was making the right decision or not merely because I figured I would end up living like a hippie.

In highschool I spent too much time trying to determine what I would major in when in reality I knew all a long. I guess you can say I didnt think my passion would bring me fortune. My initial defense was that I love to talk so hey major in communications; completely ignoring the many signs that I grew a passion for writing over the years. Now that I have given myself goals and set forth a pretty concrete plan on how I shall get there all other things are essentially irrelevant.


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Britney Clutche said...

i love this blog!
very nice, sweetheart.

i visited your campus in october.
definitely hype!