Sunday, December 28, 2008

Reasonable Doubt.

all these eyes.

laughter from behind may have been misconstrued as green eyes looking down when in reality they were looking up. no one can be expected to fully understand without experience. sometimes our only motivation is other people. but at the end of the day i have to inspire myself w/ the refusal to live for others.
you are who you are when no one is around. "emancipate yourself from mental slavery." --bob marley.

everyone has a story to tell && im only on chapter 2. when will it be ready to be told. no one will ever know the real story. beyond tired of wasting time replacing time. life is defined by experience.

i am the cornerstone of my success. outside looking in im right where i began.contrary to public beliefs im where i need to be.who are u to determine the volume of my accomplishments.maybe because the things i cherish most are intangible?

2009, and still my words seem to be the only thing i can hold on to.hi-definition....maybe?never fully understood when they said knowledge is power but now it all makes sense.the re-birth.


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deezy.PRIME. said...

people tend to judge what we don't understand we're so afraid of the unknown that we're willing to stay in what doesn't work for us because it is what is expected..take the easy way out and the road is flat take the hard way and each inch involves a bump of some sort.