Monday, December 29, 2008

Kirkland Bizzangz..

Kirk, Kirkland, Kirko Bangz...whether you call him by his God-given, or his alias the effect is still there.

Not quite sure why I'm writing this but I am sure we will figure it out soon. Over the years I have realized that you can't call many people your friends. For those that know me Ive never been good at giving people titles...(may be the reason ive never really had a "boyfriend"). Anywhoo thats besides the point. Ive come to realize that a true friend is someone you can be away from for a long period of time and when you are reunited you both are on the same page. You are able to do without the awkward time lapse that has occurred. A friend is someone that can hold u up without actually being there or saying anything.

* Reasonable Doubt- 05 - Feelin' it.

My FRIEND kirk....lmao. Like me he turned over a new leaf, and is now taking charge of his destiny. I once heard that if you are naturally good at what you do then you dont neccesarily need to go to school (college that is); & in essence your diploma is pretty much a proof of purchase. [Erika of Missbehave blog] For some reason I believe that statement to apply to the both of us.

Anyway if you didnt know already Kirk is a 19-year old lyricist developed in the 'mean' streets of Houston TX. lol or not. Anyway after following his music for the past year I've realized that his unique voice allows him to disengage his self from the stereotypical norms associated with the average rapper. I wouldnt do this if he wasnt good lol. Now its your turn to support my friend by pleasuring yourself to the stylistic tunes of Kirko Bangz.
* Feel free to check him out on myspace:
[lol is that good enough]

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