Sunday, December 28, 2008

reflections of a sinistered teen.

Some of my favorite pictures:

SCARYcherry..i love her.
just random fotos in bk.

Ahh...My Dear Stacy,
Lol the butt of all my jokes.
Just Kidding. Anywhoo I actually was only trying to show off the outfit I put together for her.

This was some random guy I ran into in BK. His appearance was really neat yet risky. Amateur. I was trying to emphasize on his tattoos. But you cant really tell.

These next few pictures were taken at the Brooklyn museum. I was very happy these individuals let me photograph them.

With the exception for Ms. Cherry and her sister Alexus, they all assumed I was already an established photographer so they went out of their way to take pictures for me.
One of the things I loved the most there was the culture. Though we were at something similar to a Reggae festival, The BK museum brought out people of all types and brought out the best in them including me!

Mohawk[s] nuff said!

Some people say you know we cant believe. Jamaica we have a bobsled team.

What can I say Jamaicans are GRRREAT..! Fun times!

These two photos show Cherry n Alexus indulging in a portion of their culture. Gotta love em.
I love'm.
"boom bye bye like buju im crucial"
MAN i cant wait to get back....

Bottom Left: I was sittin on the stairs in Union Square and I saw so much going on. People dancing, eating, walking, running, talking, fighting. So much going on in one spot. I had to capture it.

Stace-o with the or vesta the molesta. Take it however she wants to give it to ya. Capturing the true essence of her fro was the meaning behind this pic...or not it just sounded good. Riding the shuttle..2 hrs. straight. wouldnt have been right without a photo shoot.

&& LAST BUT NOT LEAST: My wife. Totally in a fictional sense. No matter what happens she will always be there. When I say wife I do not mean in a intimate kind of way; but where no one can be compared.
Thick n thin.
lol anyway this picture was taken at school at Casino Night. once again another off guard picture...These are always the best!!!!
.....i think i love my wife lmao.
* Disclaimer: All of these pictures were taken during my everyday life and were not meant for anything particular.

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