Sunday, December 28, 2008

a thinking wo[MAN] brave enough to dictate the acute thoughts that her peers ignore. --LF

theres a reason for every season && god places the people which surround you for a reason.
no longer afraid to get out there and through viewing myself as a liability.
i was blessed to recieve many words/thoughts of wisdom from someone who seems to be a mirror image of myself...just a tad bit experienced.
some of her thoughts:

-If you feel like your skills are pretty much there (or pretty damn close to it), then the next best thing is to market yourself.

-You are essentially selling yourself, and if you wouldn't buy you, no one else will.

-You must make an effort, you must be patient, and you must strike when the iron is hot.

-Be unique, be original, be passionate, be intelligent, don't let setbacks stop you, be graceful under pressure, and basically be incredibly confident. You know you're the shit, now prove it to everyone else.

words cannot express my gratitude.



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