Monday, January 19, 2009

1 day.

I'm not sure if it is just me or not but it seems as if the significance of these past events hasnt quite set in yet. I mean i teared up a lot when Obama won the election...but reality didnt set in until recently that we had a president who preached the principles that we have only hoped for in addition to the fact that he looks like me. I have experienced first hand the power of democracy. Never in my life have I been so caught up in politics. I mean I didnt even know all of these things took place last election.
I watched the We Are One broadcast yesterday and it was amazing how many supporters Obama has. It seems as if everyone is throwing all of their faith in him and I cant help but question what will be the result if he doesnt meet these expectations.
There is no doubt in my mind that he will do great things for this country...and he has already claimed his place in the history books. I just want us all to really listen to what he is saying. Change cannot happen without the willingness from us. I refuse to put all of my hopes in one man merely because no man is greater than god. I guess i have to start with myself...
BTW. i got a crush on Obama.



_neice said...

thts the same thing i've been saying.. ppl really think obama is superman. this mess tht bush has created in 8yrs will be near impossible for obama 2 fix in 4. im jst waiting on tht day when the naive part america gets tht reality check.

Elise. said...

yeah your right..
but i think he CAN do it but people are too quick to assume he will or that its going to come immediately.
hopefully things will start to progress but i doubt everything will be how it should be.