Tuesday, January 20, 2009

politics as usual.

the challenges we face are R E A L.
-barack hussein obama.

Im not sure where exactly I should begin.
Im sure I will not give the severity of these past events justice.
I guess Ill just go in chronological order.
Though Ive been following the election somewhat closely I havent come to appreciate it as much as I have recently.
The We are One broadcast was great and you already know I had to watch it because of B. I couldnt stop laughing at the asian girl in the background asleep.
Anyway at that point I was just in awe of Obama and the fact that the people we idolize were there to commemorate this event.
I woke up this morning and went to our student center for the viewing of the inaugural ceremony. Once again I teared up but for different reasons. I grew up having my parents give me interesting history lessons on how things were for them growing up. They had a first-hand account of how things were back then. Things I could never find in any history book.
Sitting in that room made me think about my kids and grand-kids studying this event in their grade school classes. I was able to not only vote in the election that brought our first black president, but i was also able to experience it with my friends, family and majority of prairie view's student body.
As Obama spoke I looked around, and despite the few people who werent paying attention you could see the hope of our people transcend to Obama. I saw a man who despite any indifference or mistakes he may make, has already claimed his place in history...and also has changed the outlook of our country through its people.
Classes were cancelled today until 12 o clock. I tuned in to the inaugural parade. I have to admit my friends and I were going crazy just watching him walk. We found ourselves asking random questions like who could possibly run after him. It would HAVE to be a woman. We are so interested in the process and outcome of every decision he could make so we decided an Obama reality show would be sufficient. We made a few jokes but all with love.
I know there is no point in preaching about people throwing all of their dreams into one man...if you listen Barack tells you himself.
Later i stumbled onto the Inaugural Ball. OH MY GOD. no words could begin to describe my feelings. It was all UN REAL. Beyonce brought me to tears. Michelle's dress made me jealous. Obama made me proud. JAY Z almost had me bawling. I think this may be the greatest thing that will ever happen in my lifetime. I watched the Ch. 13 ball and for once in my life politics became REAL in my life. For once I can say I have witnessed progression in our nation and also I feel like i understand.

this may be long and i apologize if so..mind u i cant stop the tears from falling as I watch this video.
Jay-Z...Sean Carter. HOV. from Marcy Projects in BK performed a song from his mixtape for OBAMA...
I think Obama is right..we are at a defining moment. This point in our history should give everyone the notion that we CAN do whatever. We are no longer held back by long-gone ideals of THE MAN. no one can hold you back but yourself. Hopefully i am not the only one who is inspired.

Im going to end this so I wont become redundant or extremely long.
But lord have mercy.......whew. no words

we will no longer make excuses for our way of life.
-Barack Obama.


btw jeff johnson is my dream husband.


just LAUREN said...

Werd to that...Now that Obama is President, this means "NO EXCUSES" cuz clearly the man can't hold ya back

Their first dance just had me emotional...and that's a happy song! But it's all so moving, I finally have PROOF this country is moving forward in more ways than one

Taylorgotbeats said...

that was a big day, Hova was doing it different with that Hat, On some Frank Lucas type stuff

Opé - Style Artist said...

I like Jeff Johnson too.
I wish you the best with your aspirations.
You have a nice blog and take nice pictures.
All of your talents will come into play when you have your own magazine.

Best regards.