Tuesday, January 20, 2009

i guess if i was simple in the mind...everything would be fine.

these are the questions that i ask myself:
1.it can only be assumed that fashion is an extended form of your personality so how can anyone be the judge of its 'precision'. With that said I get angry when I hear people being critical of how someone chooses to express themselves. (im not going to make it seem like I dont enjoy a good laugh or two at a random or inappropriate fit but you get my drift)
2.ive noticed how a lot of people feel the need to broadcast themselves. i mean i guess its a form of networking but its often better to be seen than heard. Ive come across some people who feel the need to be in the public eye...thats cool but when do you cross the line. If other peoples perceptions are the only basis of self-worth you can think of then it shows that your personality is also formed by the public.

3. music is a big part of my life eventhough it might not be apparent to others. why is lil wayne of all rappers considered to be the god amongst men? [i use that phrase loosley] I mean i do have to give it to him the guy is pretty smart but its 09. we all know its time for a change. why is a guy who hasnt HAD to endure the lifestyle that he preaches since he was 11 still captivating the little resources that we barely have. Dont think im hating because I have every album and I secretly crush on him lol but as far as his music and its future i cant get down with it. a friend who shall remain nameless lol once said that musicians..specifically rappers should make music that people can come home from a long day at work, school, etc. and be able to relate to. Not in a literal sense but listening to music should take over your spirits and not just give you something to jigg to. My point is that i believe wayne had his time and he was a very beneficial asset to the game but WHATS NEXT?
4. lol dont think too hard on this one because it might come out dumb. ok so we all know that we live in a country where pretty much everything we have is derived from other countries. Fortunately enough WE make our own money. Now you would think that in times like such we could just print out more money and would no longer be recessed. lol is that even a word. heck oh well. the problem would then be that we are reducing the value of the dollar and inflation would be forced to go up once again. Dont you wish there was a way where we could just print more money and everything go back to how it were in the 70's. lol. dont mind me.
5. Soo. I know the whole theory that womens actions are said to be initiated with their emotions. In essence men think broadly and with facts. Just because statistics prove to us that alot of the stereotypes surrounding gender are true, does that mean we have to follow these stereotypes. Swaying away from the whole emotions/facts thing...Ive noticed that women are also stereotyped when it comes to relationships. Why are we supposed to be the faithful...the emotional...the open armed. And when guys take that roll theyre considered soft or whipped if you will. I dont know i doubt ill ever figure this out. Mainly because when it comes to these 2 gender personalities I think I take the roll of the guy.


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literallyg23 said...

Hey Danielle
I randomly stumbled upon your blog cause I search those kid cudi lyrics you have. I think a lot of what you have to say is profound and I am also one of those people who believes words are the only thing worth holding onto. I think Cudi's lyrics are amazing and I actually met him like a month ago. I just wanted to say it's nice to see a blog-er type person who cares about critical thinking and using your mind for more than silly bullshit. Spread the knowledge.