Saturday, January 24, 2009


someone once told me that i was dumb for majoring in communications; their reason being that by the time I graduated from college the world of publication would be deserted. I mean at first I believed them mainly because the internet has taken over EVERYTHING. "feel my pain u lyin" IF that were true that would mean all industries would suffer including Advertising, Marketing, and all the companies that invest in these services. THEREFORE i dont believe it to be true. Above you see pix of a portion of my magazine collection. All handled with care. My favorites include Missbehave, VIBE, and of course VOGUE. I hope to work for them one day. I think I study VOGUE more than I do my school books. SAD i know? Guys do me a favor...take care of your zines....BTW im very excited...By the end of the semester I plan to have a zine of my own...LOL i doubt it will come out how I am expecting but its worth a shot.Anyway im preparing myself for another Champagne Chronic Nightmare (Solange) tonight.
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my soul is possessed by d'evils in the form of zines && flix.




Taylorgotbeats said...

you gotta nice lil collection going there, I just subscribed to Vogue and Mens Vogue I'm thinkin about going into fashion photography and the pics in there are amazing

aye-dee. said...

i can completely relate to this, i have alot of magazines as well. and i can agree with the studying vogue more than i study my books for class.

Miss Denise said...

Whoever told you that majoring in Communications was a mistake, their wrong. No matter how bad the economy is, people will still buy newspaper and magazines, whether it's the actual paper/magazine or an online subscription. Sales for advertisements might be down but that will only be for so long. And nice collection of magazines! Lovin' the new Vibe with 'Ye on the cover.

Elise. said...

Lol i keep throwin him on top everytime i get a new one.

yeah i was thinkin the same...but its real hard to get into.

Elise. said...

and the crazy part is that it was a professor who told me that.

Joey Robot said...

i mean internet blogs are biting a chunk out of the magazine industry, but magazines are more than what most think. its an art form. like people who read Monocle Magazine. 1/2 of em aren't even interested in the articles they just read because how great the design is. The layout of it is amazing. You should google or ebay vintage Vanity Fair magazines. They are beautiful. They look more like a piece of art than an magazine. My fav mags are fucking hard as fuck to find though.
Antenna Mag
Vapors Mag
Vice Mag
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