Sunday, January 18, 2009

testing my skills...

ok sooo i need help thinking of my next well i guess you can say first official shoot....i plan on using some of my friends as models. one of the shoots i want to do consists of the black panther theory. I havent quite came up with the storyline of it but Im excited...

Anywhoo im using this as a chance to get you all involved...If you have any ideas of something you'd like to see me try please leave a comment.

Try and give a broad idea that can be accomplished limited on Hempstead Texas. Think of this as a way of helping me develop my portfolio. (which i need to get any kind of internship)

I will pick the best idea and hopefully have it together within the next 2 weeks. Be Creative.
Muchas Gracias..



Taylorgotbeats said...

do a baptism with those big cliche white robes like in the old southern videos on that big lake I saw in your last couple shouts just the first thing that came to my head random i know

Elise. said...

lol i love it.

i am definitely going to try it.

Elise. said...

im still going to try it t.
havent forgotten about u.