Friday, January 9, 2009


lol as you all know im from the mean streets of katy. i spent the day at the Katy Heritage Museum in Old Katy. Lol i had no clue it was there. I ended up playing with this software that came with my camera..Lord knows paintshop was too hard. Just playing but i am pleased at how they came out. I cant put my camera down...! stay tuned..OH AND BRE I BETTER GET MY BIRD LOL. BTW guys..ive reached 30 more than I ever expected..thanks for the feedback.




xxjudyyboOty said...

nice post. :)

my cameras screwed up at this moment.
all i can rely on is my phone. :(
its killin me!

Jervis said...

cool pics, uh,where is KATY??
and im from canarsie brooklyn.

Elise. said...

its basically a suburb of houston tx.
how far is that from fort greens?

Jervis said...

its not that far, a couple of bus rides on the mass transit.thats all. i dont know, in miles,lol