Wednesday, January 7, 2009

steady B A N G.

ok so my NEW camera comes in tommorow..long story.. HOW excited I am. anywhoo it aint nothin but space n opportunity lol..remember that one. Dont really feel like writing anything inspirational...mainly because I am not feeling inspired. BTW 09...its goin down. MARDI GRAS in New Orleans. Texas Relays in Austin. SPRING BREAK IN PADRE. Oh and lets not forget movin to B R O O K soon as school lets out. Mayne hol up. Lol I had to get my H-town on for a min. Here are pix from last years trips:
the naked cowboy lol. New Orleans LA
steve in la. lol i just love the pic.
lol the rest were innappropriate. trust me.
random LU pic. me and porsh.
Riding around New Orleans. Franky n the back
bathroom picture in austin.
me and cherry. bk museum. nyc.

the 'clan' at tillmans. manhattan.
random graffiti in nyc. im sure this years pix will be better.


Taylorgotbeats said...

what camera are you getting? your eyes are really pretty by the way

Jervis said...

them eyes is WAY past pretty. more like,gorgeous,spectacular.......etc,lol.

Elise. said...

why thank u.