Thursday, January 8, 2009

food for thought. (dont read if you dont have an open mind)

kept it simple for the slow ones.. you aint gotta read my ishh. just respect it.
Just got off the phone with kirkland && i guess Ive got my thinking cap on. As i stated before I never want to go into anything with unclear intentions so let me give you my disclaimer now.

Disclaimer: I am not here to ridicule nor make you change anything...My sole purpose is to inform, give an alternate outlook of the world, and hopefully inspire your desire for greatness.

theres a time and place for everything and i thank god for giving me mine. I spent a lot of time focusing on the things that gave me pleasure instead of the things that would bring me happiness. i guess you can call this my testimony.
(p r e a c h pastor west) lol sorry its a brookhollow thing.

hopefully everyone reaches a time in their lives where they want more than the material things that society worships. if not....your time will come. too many times people wait until the last minute to do the things that will satisfy their desires. when i say that i mean: vacationing (seeing the world), conquering their fears, and all of the other elements of happiness.

I dont want to make it seem as if any of us are to blame so i will simply say we are distracted. Like KB i wasnt able to separate myself from these distractions until I transferred schools. Of course, Prairie View has many downfalls and things that can get you "caught up" but Ive learned how to ignore them due to past experiences. I guess it helps that I dont really know anybody.

I recently did a post that was focused on following your heart and pursuing a career that you love to do. I think before you can get to the point of determining that you must get to know yourself. Though one of the greatest forms of inspiration is others, you must be original and follow your heart (and morals) to be successful. Too many people see what is working for others and try to follow that same path. It might be a good start but just because something works for them doesnt mean it will work for you.
"if you are doing the same shit as another nigga then you are only going get as far as they did. when theyre out of the game so are you" -Kirko Bangz.
*might not be word for word but you get the point.

I know im not the only one that is affected or at least has realized that we are in a recession. If not you dont need to be reading this. well u can it might teach you somethin. Anyway, we dont have time to fool around or waste anymore money than we have. lol, dont forget the world is coming to an end soon. Find what works for you...or even find something you are interested in. The mind is a terrible thing to waste.

I love learning new things or meeting new people. It gives you a sense of your place in the world when you are able to compare your lifestyle to others. If you dont expand your knowledge of the world, you will forever be stuck in the box that you are accustommed to.

We all heard this one: you are who you hang with. Out of all your friends who will be there in the end? That person that you call everytime you want to hit the club or drink with? Or the person that you can talk to and have a meaningul conversation. Who can hold you up when you are down and then when the time comes yall can kick it and party like its 99. I can honestly all of my friends have successful careers in their future. (lol its only a few of us anyway)

Basically my point is that you must find out who you are. By doing so everything else will fall in line.

Like I said im not trying to provoke change but I just get frustrated when I see people on the same ishh. (i try not to curse) I think everyone should want to make change themselves so the next step is Y O U.

*lol i feel like my dad. (the principal) MAKE IT A GREAT DAY OR NOT. THE CHOICE IS YOURS.. --dr. mason.


p.s. the bible is the best selling book in the world. (50 books per sec. ) it also is the most shoplifted.

FIRST PHOTOS TAKEN WITH NIKKI..! i feel like shes my gun && im shootin all sorta bad guys.
the real kid ugh i hated uniforms...GOOOOO LAMAR!

im an artist. that means im sensitive about my shit.. - erykah badu. lol.


Jervis said...

o yes,preach sister,the mind IS a terrible thing to waste. Our thoughts have similar things in common. I can relate to expanding the mind and the way we view life, widening it passed the material things in life. Because the internal aspect and a persons mindset is WAY more valuable than what is MAN MADE. I LOVED this post so much. LEARNED a lot, i'm jealous that your mind is so complex. But i'm going to learn more, and expand my knowledge more so it can be on your level, and HIGHER,lol. GOD BLESS,and THANK YOU.

Mista Jaycee said...

Cool, inspirational post. As far as what career should you do. Do all of em. Dress fly, take pictures and write truth!

deezy.PRIME. said...

very few people actually get to find what they're purpose is. what are you fighting for, and if that's what you're fighting for would you give up everything you have for what makes you happy regardless of what anyone has to say..i can honestly say as many times i've passed you at pv or the club lol you seemed to be like in your own world within the world if that makes sense lol but anywho love the blog.

aye-dee. said...

dani, i loved this post. it opened my eyes alot just by reading it.. to follow your dreams and not someone else's just by how it looks on the outside. that is so true, what works for you may not work for someone else and vice versa. you are an excellent writer and i hope to see your writing someday in the future.

Elise. said...

Lets see starting with

Jervis: i love the fact that people are able to relate with me mainly bc ive always thought i was weird for thinking how i did.

Mista Jaycee: first of all i love the profile pic. [eye of horus]...contemplating whether that will be apart of my next tattoo. and thanks.

deezy: yeah, i agree with u..i think thats kinda what i was gettin at..its no better time than now to start figuring out what it is that you want to do...ive seen too many people in my life get stuck in the norms and end up fallin in "place". && lol thats funny. at school i just the club im most likely out of it hehe. but thanks girl..

ADINA: lol hey girl thanks sure you will..