Thursday, January 8, 2009

shawty wanna be a thug.

title has nothing to do with it.
its officially OVER for UPS. ive been waiting all day for my package which has failed to appear.
fed ex..more like fed up. anywhoo no purpose...oh yeah happy birthday to my kid sis. not really sis but the kid. lol nice gift.

happy 18th birthday lex.

look what i ran into at the galleria..tragic.
out of all places @ the liquor store. Rest In Peace Courtney!!!!



LipstickOne said...

interesting. what's that in your kid sis' hand?

Taylorgotbeats said...

Is that gift what I think it is? lol, Yes we have the same camera the Nikon D60 its tight

Elise. said...

lol exactly what you are thinking!

ill;kinda said...

nice birthday gift for thee kid sis...