Sunday, January 4, 2009

your best danielle rendition.

(had me at hello).
subliminally speaking
i swear ill never fall but at the time it didn't even feel like falling.
i guess now days clarity is an essential component to everything. never again will I go into something with unclear intentions. a battle that could never be won.
doesnt matter if you think youre stepping on my most vital organ; at the end of the day i will always have the upper hand.
its funny how much of an effect our emotions have on us.
"l o v e will make you do right...or make you do wrong."
who am i fooling? 19 at war lmao.
a fallacy. in case you didnt know exaggeration is an extended form of a lie.
spent too much time trying to stretch the truth to make 'it' seem real.
rules are made to be broken. regulations arent placed on the b r a i n.
furthermore no one did anything wrong. just wasnt right.
if i cant have it all i dont want any of it. greedy, maybe?
thats life i live it.
Q: think you know what im talking about?
A: you dont.
somethin like poetry in motion.
i dont follow guidelines..too many people rob minds.



zach.the.diplomat said...

OK so...let me start by saying my last text u got me on the right track...

See dan, we have somewhat of the same writing style(as far as blogging)...poetic have an ultimate message and or thought behind my every blog...n i sometimes unconciously say other things in between breating spells and it comes off to the reader as a lil different or more difficult to somewhat deflects the main idea of the blog accidentally on i could be wrong...but i highly doubt it...your message(s) so clear...i can read it right off the

the MRS. said...

like tha hova line...
thas my diva